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Have a question or an idea? There's a librarian for that.

Liaison librarians work with specific disciplines in programs, departments and schools. We’re here to develop partnerships for research, publishing, teaching, learning, digital projects, and scholarly communication. Liaison librarians communicate pertinent library news, promote library services and programs, and facilitate problem solving in relation to library services. Lastly, liaison librarians select books, journals, databases and other materials for their disciplines.

Subject Name
Art & Design Tina Beis (interim)
Biological Sciences Jason Wardell
Business Bridget Retzloff
Chemistry Jason Wardell
Communication Katy Kelly
Computer Science Ben Daigle
Counselor Education Hector Escobar and Simon Robins
Criminal Justice and Security Studies Katy Kelly and Tina Beis
Educational Administration Simon Robins
Engineering Hector Escobar and Jill Crane (both interim)
English Heidi Gauder
General Reference Heidi Gauder
Geography & Geology Hector Escobar and Simon Robins (both interim)
Global Languages & Cultures Heidi Gauder and Tina Beis
Government Documents Heidi Gauder
Health & Sport Science Jason Wardell
History Heidi Gauder
Human Rights Heidi Gauder and Jill Crane
International Studies Hector Escobar and Jill Crane
Library Science Ione Damasco
Math Hector Escobar and Tina Beis (both interim)
Medicine Jason Wardell
Music Heidi Gauder and Jill Crane
Philosophy Stephanie Shreffler
Physics Hector Escobar and Tina Beis (both interim)
Physical Therapy Jason Wardell
Political Science Hector Escobar and Jill Crane
Psychology Hector Escobar and Tina Beis
Race and Ethnic Studies Ione Damasco
Religion Stephanie Shreffler
Sociology, Anthropology & Social Work Hector Escobar and Tina Beis
Sustainability Hector Escobar and Tina Beis (both interim)
Teacher Education Simon Robins
Theatre and Dance Heidi Gauder and Simon Robins
Women's and Gender Studies Ione Damasco

Roesch Library