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Open Access Publishing Fund

Publish Your Open Access Work

The University of Dayton, through University Libraries, will provide financial support to UD scholars and researchers who wish to publish their work in open access (OA) journals. Funded jointly by University Libraries, Office of the Provost, and Office of Graduate Academic Affairs, the fund is open to UD faculty, research staff, and graduate students. Establishment of the $15,000 fund is in response to UD faculty interest in OA publishing.

After an article is accepted for publication in an OA journal, the author can complete the fund application form. If the journal meets the requirements stipulated in the guidelines, applicants will be notified of funding approval and payment will be made directly to the publisher. Authors cannot be reimbursed. The Open Access Publishing Fund will operate on a first-come, first-served basis. The pilot will conclude when all funds have been dispersed. At that time an evaluation of the pilot will be conducted.

Email the completed form and a copy of the acceptance letter to both Kathy Webb, Dean of University Libraries, and to Janie Stefan, Business and Operations Manager.

The open access fund pilot funds can be used to cover:

Article publication charges (APCs) or Open Access Fees (OA Fees) for previously unpublished articles in fully open access journals (in which all articles are available open access) and where articles are made immediately available, with no embargo period.

The journals must be listed in the Directory of Open Access Journals or hold membership in the Open Access Scholarly Publishers Association and publish its standard fee schedules.

Directory of Open Access Journals
  • Color charges
  • Page charges (exceptions may be made for fully open access journals)
  • Illustration fees
  • Submission fees
  • Charges for open access in hybrid journals (journals that allow authors to purchase open access on an article by article basis or allow open access after a delay)

  • University of Dayton faculty, researchers, post-docs, and currently enrolled graduate students.
  • The Open Access Fund may not be used by authors with gift or grant funding except where the grant prohibits the use of funds to cover these charges.

  • $2000 is the maximum any one applicant may be awarded in one calendar year. The person who completes the application will be considered the applicant for the article.
  • The Open Access fund will cover a maximum of $2000 for any one article.
  • The Open Access Funds are available on a first-come, first-served basis. When the funds are expended, no additional applications will be considered.

Authors are required to add an acknowledgement to all articles sponsored by the fund such as:
  • Funding for Open Access provided by the University of Dayton Open Access Fund.


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