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Research and Writing Rooms

Faculty, staff, graduate students and faculty emeriti who require extensive use of library resources may be eligible to lease a private research and writing room.

Current faculty members may lease an individual room for a semester ($50) or the full academic year ($100). To extend availability to a greater number of faculty, these spaces are non-renewable after one year, though high scholarly productivity and extensive use of library resources may warrant exceptions. Exceptions will be based upon the recommendations of the faculty member's dean in consultation with the dean of the Libraries. The rooms are roughly 6 feet by 7 feet and contain a desktop, chair, overhead storage, electrical outlets and wireless Internet access. Additional furniture may be brought in with permission from the Roesch Library operations coordinator. Faculty of any rank may also lease these rooms in Roesch Library at no charge from May 15 through Aug. 15, subject to availability.

Staff members engaged in research or writing for work-related projects may apply for a private research and writing space for a one-year, non-renewable term.  The fee is $100.

A graduate student working on a dissertation may apply for a one-year, renewable lease with the recommendation of his or her dissertation adviser. The cost is waived.

Faculty emeriti who wish to continue their research on campus may request space in the 1700 South Patterson Building at no cost. Each workstation is enclosed with 62-inch-high modular walls and contains a desk, a locked storage space and wireless Internet access. The Roesch2U service will deliver library materials to users upon request. If research and writing projects require significant access to physical library resources, the faculty emeritus(a) may apply for a private writing and research room in Roesch Library for the academic year, subject to availability.