Would you vote for a woman president?

Woman's Place

A woman’s place is in the House.

...and the Senate.

...and the Oval Office.

So why is it so hard for them to get to where they belong?

On Monday, March 30, the Women's Center and Women's & Gender Studies Program are bringing Dr. Karrin Vasby Anderson, associate professor of communication studies at Colorado State University, and Dr. Kristina Horn Sheeler, chair and associate professor of communication studies at Indiana University-Purdue, to the university to answer that question.

Anderson and Sheeler are experts on political communication, gender, and public identity, who study how political identity is rhetorically constructed and contested in popular media – whether that identity is communicated through a meme or a mainstream news outlet.

Students, faculty and staff- these are opportunities to learn about what affects every one of us:

Gender, Identity & the American Presidency 
Monday, March 30 12-1 PM | Alumni Hall 206
Join Anderson and Sheeler in the Women’s Center for a free lunch and a chance to speak to two experts in the field of communication as it relates to politics and gender in a more intimate setting than Sears Recital Hall. Seating is limited, so you must RSVP. RSVP here >>

Woman President: Challenging Political Identity in Popular Media
Monday, March 30 7-8 PM | Sears Recital Hall
Anderson and Sheeler will discuss U.S. presidentiality and how presidentiality is framed in candidate oratory, campaign journalism, film and television, digital media, and political parody. By the end, their goal is to instill a sense of duty in us, for us all to realize it’s our duty to drive popular media and conversation to the election of a woman to the Oval Office.


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