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Fine and Performing Arts

Intriguing and Ancient: A Photographic Exhibit of Black Madonnas

In an exhibit opening June 25 in the Marian Library, religious architecture photographers Dennis and PJ Aubrey of Sugar Grove, Ohio, explore the mysterious origin and intriguing significance of Black Madonnas in French shrines.


Concourse D: What's Next

A student-designed project development studio and collaboration space comes to life.


UDRI awarded $72 million-ceiling Air Force contract for Quick-Reaction Evaluation program

UDRI will continue to support AFRL in reducing costs, creating a safer working environment, and increasing Air Force systems availability.


Weekly Marian Features: June 18, 2018

The features chosen for this week demonstrate the wide-range of topics in All About Mary. Learn about Divine Maternity dogma, the Holy Land during Mary's life, the presence of crescent moons in some Marian art, and more.


Dissertation Fellowship Award

University of Dayton doctoral student Dara Delgado was awarded a $20,000 fellowship from the American Association of University Women to complete her dissertation, which focuses on an African-American woman who founded a black Pentecostal denomination in 1924 with the goal of empowering women.


Hats Off

I wouldn’t be surprised to see Danielle (‘Dani”) Ruffolo ’19 on “Shark Tank” one of these days.


Library Colleagues Spend Day in Service to Help Solve Hunger

Staff from University Libraries help the Foodbank and Mission of Mary Cooperative combat the region’s hunger problem.


Mary in the News: June 13, 2018

Read recent items about Mary in both Catholic and secular news. Also, see International Marian Research Institute news and updates.


Express Yourself

"Students need a safe space to share their true, authentic selves" - Jennifer Baker


Building Better Bridges

America has an infrastructure problem. Civil Engineering researcher Ömer Bilgin has received a $440,000 Ohio Department of Transportation grant to help make bridge construction quicker and less costly.

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