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Series History

Previous Speakers and Topics

Religion and Violence in the Name of God:  October 2005

Dr. Judith Martin, Religious Studies

Six Keys to a Healthy Relationship: November 2005
Fr. Norbert Burns, SM, Religious Studies,

The Perils and Possibilities of Christian Citizenship:  January 2006
Dr. Chris Duncan, Political Science

Complications of Social Activism, Art, and Faith:  February 2006
Dr. Judith Huacuja, Visual Arts

Does Faith Play a Role in Biological Evolution:  March 2006
Dr. Kelly Williams, Biology

Prophets, Profits, and the Dignity of Work, October 2006
Dr. Kelly Johnson, Religious Studies
Dr. Maura Donahue, Program for Christian Leadership, Department of Finance

Sustainability and Christian Life, November 2006
Dr. Kevin Hallinan, Engineering
Brian DeRouen
Charlie Schreier, GA, engineering

Living a Life of Meaning:  Connecting who you are with what you do, February 2007
Dr. Molly Schallor
Fr. Jim Schimelpfening, SM

Finding God at Work and what to do about it, March 2007
Dr. David Herrelko, Engineering

Islam and America:  A Match Made in Heaven?, March 2007
Dr. Ramzieh Amzeh, MD
Dr. Wayel Azmeh, MD

Immigration in the US: Finding God in the Other, April 2007
Dr. Theo Majka, Department of Sociology; 
Dr. Larry Hufford, Department of Political Science, St. Marys University 
Sr. Juana Mendez, from the Diocese of Covington, KY

To Forgive or Not to Forgive, That is the Question, October 2007
Dr. Mark Rye, Psychology

Church Teaching on Homosexuality, Understanding the Terms, Nov 2007
Dr. Kelly Johnson, Religious Studies

Faith, Meaning, and Criminal Justice, January 2008
Dr. Art Jipson, Criminal Justice

Embracing your Vocation through Physical Education and Sports, February 2008
Dr. George DeMarco, 
Coach Tony Vittorio, Baseball Coach

Faith, Doubt, and Hope, April 2008
Dr. Judy Martin, Religious Studies

Educators as Agents of Social Change, November 2008
Dr. Monalisa Mullins, Teacher Education

Healthy Relationships, January 2009
Dr. Patricia Polanski, Counselor Education

Bad Boys and Giggly Girls, Exploring the Hidden Messages of Gender role Socialization February 2009
Rachel Wagner, Residence Education

Finding Intimacy at UD, March 2009
Dr. Jana Bennett, Religious Studies

The Role of Religious Talk in a Pluralist Community, October 2009
Dr. Jason Pierce, Political Science

Finding the Moral Center: Catholic Social Teaching and Health Care in the United States, November 2009
Dr. Mari Rapela Heidt, Religious studies

Everyday Racial Interactions at UD, January 2010
Dr. Leslie Picca, Sociology

Urban Injustice. How Can the Church Respond?, March 2010
Br. Ray Fitz, SM

Daily Acts of Faith: Seeing in the Dark, Listening in the Silence, Sept 2010
Dr. Sandra Yocum, Religious Studies

Then Sings my Soul:  Encountering God through Music, November, 2010

Dr. Donna Cox, Music

Vocational Engineering, February 7, 2011

Margaret Pinnell, Ph.D., Engineering

That’s Life! Journey through Buddhism to a Catholic University, March 21, 2011

Beth Harrison, Director of Student Support Services

Harry Potter and the Sacramental Imagination, October 10, 2011

Emily Strand, Religious Studies

Be my friend, Bro: A Theological perspective on Bromance, November 9, 2011

Rachel Wagner, Associate Director of Housing and Residence Life and Dr. David Darrow, Director of University Honors Program

The Closet of Jewish Voices, September 14, 2017

Dr. Samuel Dorf, Music Department

Faith, Family, and My Feminism: What Women's Human Rights Mean to Me, October 11, 2017

Dr. Natalie Hudson, Human Rights Studies

From the Field to the University: Finding Purpose, Meaning & God on a University Campus, December 4, 2017

Dr. Diana Cuy Castellanos, Dietetics

Embracing Immigration Issues, February 20, 2018

Dr. Theo Majka, Sociology


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