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“Yes!” to Deepening relationship with God

“Yes!” to Building community and contributing to the common good

“Yes!” to Leading in faith where you live

Become part of a faith-filled community that laughs together, grows together, and echoes Mary’s yes in the Gospel of Luke, chapter 1 verse 38, by saying ‘yes’ to giving birth to God’s Love Incarnate. Together, L1:38 listens for God’s voice, responds with joy, and leads with faithfulness (and fun) in our residential areas. We plan opportunities for faith sharing, for prayers, for pancakes and treats, and whatever the Spirit seems to be nudging us to do in an effort to live our faith and share its joys, comforts, and challenges with our neighbors.

For more information about how YOU can say YES to L1:38 contact the campus minister in your residential area or Kelly Adamson.


Campus Ministry

Liberty Hall
300 College Park
Dayton, Ohio 45469 - 0408