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Faith Programs

The Marianists were founded just after the French Revolution solely for the purpose of renewing the faith of the people of France. The founders started by forming small communities to make that happen. They soon realized they could draw more people in to this mission of building and supporting faith by founding and running schools. As a Marianist school, we remain committed to this core mission, and offer many ways for this to happen for students, most of which involve small communities of faith. Check out all these options:

Agape Latte provides an opportunity for students to gather for live music, coffee, cookies, and to hear about the faith and vocational journey of a faculty or staff member from the University. Presenters use story-sharing to help students explore how their passions, strengths, and gifts can be used to make the world a better place. Many of their stories will offer their lived experience and reflections on friendship, hope, forgiveness, prayer, dating, vocation, and discernment. 

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Callings is a summer program Campus Ministry offers for incoming first-year students who are looking to learn how to become engaged leaders on the University of Dayton’s campus. Using the Marianist charism as a guide, participants will explore their faith and vocation as a student while learning about the four principles of learn, lead, serve and pray.

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UD Interdenominational Ministry is composed of Christians from various denominations and backgrounds. We commit to worshiping together from whatever denominational identity we hold. We are not in the business of creating new denominations, but rather we seek to honor the background and perspective of all who wish to worship Christ. Join us for Worship, Bible Study, retreats, or all of the above.

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Interested in learning more about the religious diversity of Dayton, or sharing in dialogue with other students? Campus Ministry offers programs in interfaith dialogue, including small groups, visits to places of worship, and other activities.

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You are a beloved Child of God and God desires a personal relationship with you.  We in Campus Ministry are ready to accompany you in your faith journey. 

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The University of Dayton strives to be a welcoming and inclusive community. Campus Ministry recognizes a variety of student religious organizations and connects with local communities and congregations in order to support the spiritual needs of students from all major religious traditions. Find out more about available resources, student organizations, and local faith communities to which we can connect you.

Multifaith Support
Residence Life Campus Ministry consists of full time and graduate assistants who are persons of faith and commitment.  These campus ministers accompany, encourage and support students in areas of personal growth and spiritual development. They are available for Faith and Life Chats! In addition to collaborating with Residential Programs Staff to create welcoming communities, Campus Ministers also sponsor religious services and programs within each residential area that embrace faith and religious diversity. 

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Join the University of Dayton Campus Ministry Office for Christian Leadership, Vocation and Retreats every other week to hear how a life experience of a member of the UD community parallels with a sacred story of their choosing.  We hope these episodes will inspire personal reflection that helps our listeners place their own experiences within the sacred story.

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Small faith communities provide an environment for students to develop and engage their faith through relationships with their peers.  Each community, though unique, provides mutual support, dialogue, prayer, scripture, faith sharing, and discernment to create a space for students to examine the blessings and challenges of engaging their faith amidst college life and build relationships that extend beyond just these groups.  Three different types of groups on campus include: Discipleship Sodalities, Madeleine Groups, and Journey Groups.

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Paying attention to God with the help of a spiritual director or spiritual companion in a private one-on-one meeting or a regular series of meetings can make an important difference in all areas of your life. We can help you get connected with a helpful spiritual director or companion. 

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What would college be without opportunities to explore and deepen one's faith? Campus Ministry is honored to walk with students on this journey, but we are also aware that student-led religious organizations can be excellent ways for this to happen! So, we work closely with the recognized organizations that have a religious purpose that is consistent with the university's mission.

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Sometimes you just need to hang out with a group that "gets it" like you do. Our support groups are created to reach out to students in particular situations, with particular needs. Rest assured that, whatever your personal struggles are, you don't have to endure them alone. All of our support groups offer a compassionate, non-judgmental atmosphere. 

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Vocational exploration is a life-long journey where we ask who we are, who we are called to be, and what we are called to do.  These are important questions we all face. Through prayer, discernment and interaction with others, we can come to a clearer vision of our journey. Campus Ministry offers several opportunities to focus heavily on this exploration, whether that be a general sense of your vocational call or a specific call, such as a call to religious life or the priesthood.

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