Admission requirements, Department of Physician Assistant Education

  • Earn a bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited institution, with a cumulative undergraduate GPA, a prerequisite non-natural science GPA, and a prerequisite natural science GPA of 3.00. Only grades of C or above will be considered. A C- will not qualify for consideration into the prerequisite GPA.
  • Complete the prerequisite coursework.
  • Obtain 250 hours of health care experience. Students must provide proof of experience in the health care field.
  • Obtain 20 hours of community service experience. Students must provide proof of a community service experience.
  • Obtain 20 hours of physician assistant shadowing experience. Students must provide proof of shadowing experience.
  • Provide three letters of recommendation. At least one should be from a recent college professor and one from a health care professional who has known the applicant for at least six months. Reference letters from relatives will not be accepted.

Note: Special consideration is given to current UD students and graduates of other Marianist universities.

Prerequisite coursework

If an applicant has completed their prerequisite courses in a quarter system, please convert to semesters using the following: Each quarter hour of credit divided by 1.5 = semester credit hours. (example: 6 quarter hours = 4 semester hours)

  • Human anatomy with lab: 4 semester hours
  • Human physiology with lab: 4 semester hours
  • Microbiology with lab: 3-4 semester hours
  • Organic chemistry with lab: 8 semester hours
  • Biochemistry (lab preferred): 3-4 semester hours
  • General psychology: 3 semester hours
  • Second psychology course: 3 semester hours (i.e., life span development, abnormal psychology)
  • Statistics: 3-4 semester hours
  • Medical terminology: 2-3 semester hours

Outstanding coursework

Applicants can apply prior to completing all prerequisite courses with the following conditions:

  • They have no more than two outstanding science courses.
  • All outstanding course(s) must be able to be completed prior to matriculation.

Any prerequisite courses completed after acceptance must meet the admission GPA. All science courses must have been successfully completed within 10 years prior to application. Any exceptions must be presented to the Department Chair for individual consideration.

Graduate Record Examination (GRE)

The GRE is not required for admission to the program. For more information, download the complete admissions (pdf) >>

Attend an information session

Prospective students interested in the University of Dayton Master of Physician Assistant Practice (MPAP) program should plan to attend a PA information session. View upcoming sessions and register to attend >>

Additional requirements

  • Immunizations: Current immunizations are required, as determined by the CDC recommendations for health care providers. All immunization costs are the responsibility of the student.
  • Background check and drug screen: All students will be required to undergo a criminal background check (both state and federal) and drug screen prior to being accepted into the PA program and prior to beginning the clinical year. Please understand the findings of such a check could disqualify you from being accepted into the program. All background check costs are the responsibility of the student.
Advanced placement courses

Advanced placement courses will qualify for meeting course requirements, but will not calculate into the required GPA. Each applicant is limited to two advanced placement courses.

Advanced standing/transfer students

Due to the variance in curricula among PA schools throughout the country, no student will be admitted as a transfer from another program. There will be no advanced standing offered to any student; all applicants must meet all admission requirements and complete all coursework in the curriculum regardless of past academic background.

International students

All international students should consult the University of Dayton International Admissions Office for complete details of requirements.

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