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Physician Assistant Education

Admission Requirements

Admission to the University of Dayton Department Physician Assistant Education is highly competitive. In order to be considered for the interview process prior to admission, all applicants must have achieved all of these prerequisites prior to matriculation:

Note: Special consideration is given to current University of Dayton students and graduates of other Marianist universities.

Earn a bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited institution, with a cumulative undergraduate GPA, a prerequisite non-natural science GPA, and a prerequisite natural science GPA of 3.00. Only grades of C or above will be considered. Note: A grade of C- will not qualify for consideration into the prerequisite GPA. The GRE and/or the CASPer are not requirements for the University of Dayton PA Program.

All prerequisite coursework (natural science) must be current within ten (10) years of admission to the PA program. Effective 2025-2026 interview cycle, all science prerequisites must be completed within 7 years.

  • Human Anatomy with lab: 4 semester hours*
  • Human Physiology with lab: 4 semester hours*
  • Microbiology with lab: 3-4 semester hours
  • Organic Chemistry I with lab: 4 semester hours
  • Organic Chemistry II with lab: 4 semester hours
  • Biochemistry (lab preferred): 3-4 semester hours
  • General psychology: 3 semester hours
  • Second psychology course: 3 semester hours (i.e., life span development, abnormal psychology)
  • Statistics: 3-4 semester hours
  • Medical Terminology: 1-3 semester hours

*Anatomy and Physiology will also be accepted as: Anatomy and Physiology I with lab and Anatomy and Physiology II with lab.

If an applicant has completed their prerequisite courses in a quarter system, please convert to semesters using the following: Each quarter hour of credit divided by 1.5 = semester credit hours. (example: 6 quarter hours = 4 semester hours)

Survey courses

The University of Dayton PA program does not accept survey science courses towards the admission prerequisite requirements.

Outstanding prerequisite courses

Any courses taken during the Fall semester of the application year are considered "in progress". Outstanding science prerequisite courses are those remaining to be taken the Spring or Summer semester before matriculation in the program.

Students may have up to two outstanding science prerequisite courses when they apply. Students with more than two outstanding prerequisite science courses should take a gap year to complete the required science prerequisite courses and apply the following CASPA cycle.

Prerequisite course grades

Students must receive a grade of at least a C in the prerequisite courses to meet the admission requirements. Any coursework resulting in a grade of C- or lower will not meet admission requirements and will need to be retaken. This outstanding coursework does count as an outstanding science prerequisite.

Advanced placement courses

Advanced placement courses will qualify for meeting prerequisite requirements for non-science prerequisites, but will not calculate into the required GPA. Each applicant is limited to two advanced placement courses.

Advanced standing/transfer students

Due to the variance in curricula among physician assistant schools throughout the country, no student will be admitted as a transfer from another program. There will be no advanced standing offered to any student; all applicants must meet all admission requirements and complete all coursework in the curriculum regardless of past academic background.  All applicants must also apply through CASPA, as no direct admission is offered. 

Obtain 250 hours of health care experience: Hours can be completed through observing/shadowing or participating in patient care (volunteer work is accepted). Hours must be submitted on the UD Health care form and verified by a supervisor or manager.

Clinical Observation Form


Obtain 20 hours of community service experience: Complete a minimum of 20 hours of community service work (volunteer work is accepted). Hours must be submitted on the UD Community service form and verified by a supervisor or manager.

Community service form

Provide three letters of recommendation. These letters should be from individuals who have known the applicant for at least 6 months. Reference letters from relatives or friends will not be accepted. 
  1. Supervisor/manager in the health care industry who can elaborate on your experience and work ethic.
  2. Recent college professor or advisor in an academic setting. 
  3. Physician or Physician Assistant who you have worked with you for at least 6 months.

2024-2025 Updates

  • The new UD Physician Assistant Program CASPA verification deadline for the 2024-2025 application cycle is October 1, 2024.
  • The University of Dayton PA program will switch over to a rolling admissions cycle.
  • The 8 hours of Organic Chemistry must consist of Organic Chemisty I with lab and Organic Chemistry II with lab. 



Physician Assistant Education

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