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Higher Education and Student Affairs (MSE)

Preparing students for jobs in higher education & learning organizations

As a UD Higher Education and Student Affairs (HESA) major, you'll prepare for a variety of academic and student affairs positions in higher education, or similar adult learning-focused organizations.

This 39-hour Master's of Science in Education degree (M.S.Ed.) consists of coursework that integrates theory and research with practice. Our updated curriculum includes traditional higher education and student affairs content — such as foundational perspectives, student development, cultures, organizational leadership, and law  — and innovative coursework in learning design, assessment, and diversity and social justice. Students complete internships or a practicum and a unique scholarly research project.

Full-time students can complete the program in two years. Part-time students with full-time jobs can graduate in as little as three years. Students with a range of experiences and commitments are welcome, as the program offers evening classes that accommodate most work schedules.

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  • 2

    years to program completion (full-time students)

  • 3+

    years to program completion (part-time students)

  • 39

    credit hours to program completion

A High-Quality Education

Student Experience Internship and Practicum Program Highlights

Learn, Then Do

The UD Higher Education and Student Affairs program is designed so course content is accompanied by appropriate field experiences. Internships and practica are opportunities for you to apply your learning throughout the program in a work setting. Students not currently working full-time in a professional position within higher education complete three, 100-hour internships in professional settings that interest them. Students who are working full-time in a higher education position complete a 90 contact-hour project, or practicum, at their current institution. Each experience is coordinated with guidance from a faculty advisor and practice supervisor. The Dayton area is well-situated to have myriad learning opportunities at a wide variety of types of higher education institutions nearby, as well as many not-for-profit, innovative learning organizations in the area.

From unique coursework focused on learning, community, and social justice, to internships and study abroad opportunities, Higher Education and Student Affairs students explore their interests while developing the skills needed for a successful career

Students benefit from a low student-to-faculty ratio, abundant opportunities for practicum and internship experiences, study abroad opportunities, service projects, and a private university education at the cost of a public university. The program uses a scholar-practitioner model, which prepares students for professional positions and/or doctoral work. Distinctive curriculum focuses on learning, community and social justice at a mission-driven institution.

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Interested in learning more about Higher Education and Student Affairs? We would enjoy meeting with you. Schedule an academic appointment by contacting HESA Program Coordinator Dr. Graham Hunter at

Featured Programs and Initiatives

Student Research

Students participate in UD's annual Stander Symposium, a campus-wide event that allows students from all disciplines to showcase their intellectual accomplishments.

Full and Part Time Study Options

Coursework in UD’s HESA program starts at 4:30 PM or later so that whether in a Graduate Assistantship or full-time job, anyone can complete their HESA degree requirements in a timely fashion. We welcome those working full-time (in the field or aspiring to enter the field) and appreciate the experiences they contribute to dialogue around theory-to-practice.

Graduate Assistantships

Graduate Assistantships are available to Higher Education and Student Affairs students through the UD Division of Student Development. Student Development GA’s are valued as contributing staff members, serving on impactful University committees, shaping the UD community through their roles, and preparing for success in their career following graduate school.

Private University Education at the Cost of a Public University

The UD HESA program, part of the School of Education and Health Sciences, offers a private university education at the cost of a public university. Discover tuition costs per semester for SEHS by clicking the link below.


Higher Education and Student Affairs Program

Fitz Hall, Room 629
300 College Park
Dayton, Ohio 45469 - 2962


years to program completion (full-time students)