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Mission & Vision

Our mission & vision

  • Mission: Educate leaders in education and health care who transform society through faith, community building, service, wellness and scholarship.
  • Vision: Advancing social justice, equality and community through learning and health worldwide.


Our work is framed by the University's Marianist heritage, which obligates us toward community-building and serving others. By merging past practices and future needs, we create learning communities that are responsive to current demands.

Outcomes expected of our graduates:

  • Embracing diversity for the promotion of social justice
  • Facilitating the development of scholarly practitioners
  • Building community
  • Engaging in critical reflection

As a student in the School of Education and Health Sciences, you'll experience new ideas and opportunities in ways that enable critical reflection. In turn, you'll be able to interpret, analyze and generalize your understandings and better shape your future.

Our graduate programs rely heavily on inquiry perspectives, either through research or field experience. Graduate candidates are expected to actively question the purposes of schooling and to discern the meaning of what educators as learners are expected to do in order to fulfill their responsibilities to the profession.

Clinical, internship and field experiences are essential elements of our undergraduate and graduate programs, and those experiences are incorporated into our programs in a way that enhances our students.

Our Marianist heritage

The philosophy and practice of the School of Education and Health Sciences is grounded in the Marianist heritage of the University of Dayton. Marianists lead and serve because they believe the more people they help to develop compassionate hearts and critical minds, the better our world will be.

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School of Education and Health Sciences

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