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We build. We lead. We cooperate. We call it your competitive edge.

As a student in the University of Dayton School of Education and Health Sciences, you'll develop a critical-thinking mindset and a compassionate heart, honed by real-world experiences that are integrated into the curriculum of our undergraduate and graduate degree programs.

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Our facilities

Our state-of-the-art facilities help bridge the gap between classic practices and the most advanced emerging technologies. Fitz Hall is our primary home on the University of Dayton campus, but our facilities also include Daniel J. Curran Place, Dublin Campus, Bombeck Family Learning Center and the RecPlex.

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Mission, vision & philosophy

We seek to prepare professionals who possess both the knowledge and skills needed to create value-added learning environments. Our students and graduates must know how to work in diverse settings and how to access and use the most scientifically-based and relevant findings to guide their professional work.

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Gain your competitive edge
We're preparing students for success through transformation, leadership and partnership. Our learning communities create an environment where our undergraduate and graduate students can develop their talents and excel in the areas of education and health & sport science.
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Welcome from the Dean

"Our school prepares students for professional roles that empower you to enact the Marianist principles of justice, peace, adaptation, and change. We prepare education professionals for roles as teachers, administrators, counselors, school psychologists, and human service practitioners. We prepare health and sport science professionals for roles as dietitians, exercise physiologists, nutritionists, physical therapists, and sports managers. ... We all share the common goal of making positive changes in the lives of others."

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School of Education and Health Sciences

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