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Physician Assistant Education

Tuition & Expenses

Tuition and expenses for students in the University of Dayton Department of Physician Assistant Education vary depending on the cohort group. Figures are based on current projections and are subject to change.

General Tuition and Fees


If accepted, a $1,000 non-refundable deposit is required and will be applied to the first semester’s tuition.


The PA Department follows the University of Dayton's policy regarding refunds of tuition and fees. To inquire about a refund, please call 937-229-4111 or contact Flyer Student Services.

Employment during the PA program

In compliance with ARC-PA Standard A 3.04 and A3.05, PA students must not be required to work for the program. In alignment with the above noted ARC-PA standards, the program:

  • Does NOT allow MPAP students to be employed by the program.
  • Does NOT substitute its students for administrative support staff.
  • Additionally, the program discourages its students from working while enrolled in the program. Attendance at work for a work-related activity does not constitute an excuse from being absent from any program related activity or poor performance in the program. Work or work related activities will not interfere with any program related activity.

Physician Assistant Education

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