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Educational Field Office (Student Teaching)

Providing experiential learning for future teachers

Student teaching (internship) provides opportunities for fourth-year teacher education majors at the University of Dayton to apply the skills and knowledge they've acquired during their first three years of classes.

About student teaching (internship)

  • All student teaching (internship) assignments are arranged by the Educational Field Office.
  • Student teachers (interns) won't be placed in a school district they attended, or the school district where they live.
  • Student teachers (interns) are placed in a variety of districts (urban, suburban & rural) within a 50-mile radius of the University. This includes public school districts, Catholic schools and high-needs schools (as defined and required by the State of Ohio).
  • Students should not contact schools until notified to do so by the Educational Field Office coordinator.
  • Credit is given only for student teaching (internships) assigned by UD through the Educational Field Office and supervised by University faculty.

Background checks

All teacher education students seeking initial licensure are required to have both the BCI&I and the FBI background checks completed (regardless of how many years they have lived in Ohio). Any student participating in a P-12 field placement (of any length or purpose) must complete a background check prior to entering the field.

The initial screening of background check results are based on criteria set forth by Ohio Department of Education (ODE).

Expand the sections below to learn more:

Teacher Education majors should contact the UD Department of Teacher Education about how to obtain their BCI&I and FBI background checks.

Note: Background checks are valid for one year from the date of issue.

  • First-time processing: Allow 8 weeks prior to placement.
  • Repeat processing: 2-4 weeks without an arrest record & 6-8 weeks with an arrest record (even if expunged or occurred as a juvenile).

  • Fingerprinting information form (obtain form from the Department of Teacher Education, Fitz Hall 680)
  • Government-issued photo ID
  • University of Dayton ID number
  • Social Security number

  • Undergraduate students: Background check fees are included in the cost of tuition. Students must be enrolled in a course with a lab.
  • Graduate students: Background check fees can be paid at the Office of Student Accounts (St. Mary's 108).

Results are returned to the Educational Field Office — typically within a week. Convictions and guilty pleas may necessitate additional checks, however, and it could take one to two months to receive the results.

Note: Background checks are valid for one year from the date of issue. You'll need a new background check every year you are in the field.

  • Any conviction of an offense found on the screening tool lists, according to ODJFS and ODE's Standard for Licensure, will result in the student's inability to be placed in field sites.
  • Any arrest (without conviction) of an offense on the screening tool listwill be up to the discretion of the UD Educational Field Office and field site to determine eligibility.

Resources for clinical experience

Expand the sections below to learn more about resources available for clinical experience:

Undergraduate candidates
  • First Wednesday of February
Post-baccalaureate initial teaching licensure candidates
  • First Wednesday of September
All graduate candidates (including Early Childhood Education and Preschool Special Needs)
  • June 1: Clinical experience in spring semester.
  • First Wednesday of February: Clinical experience in summer and fall semesters.

The unit assessment forms will be required for all teacher licensure programs. These forms are the required for the CAEP accreditation process, and the forms are aligned with the appropriate professional standards. The unit assessments are completed during student teaching to assess the candidate's performance in pedagogy and professional dispositions.

The candidate, clinical educator and university liaison complete the form and consensus scores are agreed upon during a conference. Candidates are assessed during the midterm and final weeks of the clinical experience through the usage of developmental rubrics in the CPAST.


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