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Empowering Local School Children With Hope and Opportunity

Empowering Children with Hope and Opportunity (ECHO) is a partnership between the University of Dayton Center for Catholic Education and local Catholic schools.

Staffed by licensed counselors & social workers, ECHO aids teachers and administrators in helping remove non-academic barriers to learning ­— poverty, exposure to addiction, violence, discrimination, separation or physical and sexual abuse.

Because ECHO staff work with students every day in their schools, they gain valuable insights, build relationships with children and families, and can effectively provide counseling services. Our primary goal is to establish and support a healthy learning environment in each classroom so that children are unencumbered by the stresses of everyday life and are able to focus and learn.

We envision positive outcomes for students and families!

Supporting students is our calling

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  • Licensed counselors & social workers make up the ECHO staff, who work with students every day in their schools. This regular interaction helps the ECHO staff to gain valuable insights, build relationships with children and families, and effectively provide counseling services.

    ECHO provides a variety of services that are tailored to students' needs at each school the program serves. In addition to providing counseling services, ECHO therapists focus on prevention by using a social & emotional curriculum called Second Step. Students learn empathy, emotion management and problem solving. These are tools the students can carry with them throughout their life. Other services provided by ECHO include professional development for teachers and school administrators, curriculum about personal safety and drug prevention, and Peacemakers, a student leadership service group.

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    ECHO strives to be recognized nationally as the premier provider of social and emotional services to children in a growing number of schools. Its mission is to partner with faith-based and public schools to provide innovative social and emotional services by empowering all children and families, particularly the underserved, with skills for life.


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    Every gift, regardless of size, makes an impact on the work of the ECHO program. Please take a moment to help us provide support and resources for children from under-resourced neighborhoods and diverse cultures. Thank you!

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    Giving Angels Holiday Partnership

    Giving Angels is a community partnership that ECHO supports in the Catholic Schools that we serve. Please consider adopting a child for Christmas with a $10.00 donation. Thank you for your support of our students and their families!

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