Policies, Forms, and Guidelines


Forms - enable submission of necessary information in order to receive the applicable service

Guidelines - provide best practices and suggested recommendations for services available through the UD network

Policies - One of the most important attributes of IT policy is that it be readily available. That's why we publish the most current policies that impact our users' ability to take advantage of UD's information technologies.

  • provide general guidance on how to identify acceptable tools, what users should and shouldn't do on UD's network and things we all need to keep UD's computing community and the data of its customers safe and secure
  • provide direction on specific legislative or industry requirements
  • have the potential for helping folks understand the what and the how and, most importantly, the why
  • do not necessarily prevent folks from doing undesired things
  • makes people a part of the best-practices solution

Data Handling

Confidentiality Agreement Form (PDF)
Confidentiality Agreement Policy (PDF)
Electronic Use of Confidential Data Policy (PDF)
        Laptop Encryption Requirement >> 
FTC Identity Theft Prevention Red Flag Rules (PDF)
IT Incident Handling Policy (PDF)
Google Apps Terms of Service (PDF)

Intellectual Property
Intellectual Property Overview (PDF)
Intellectual Property Policy (PDF)

Payment Card Industry (PCI)
e-Commerce User Agreement & Touchnet Marketplace Application Form (PDF)
PCI General Policy (PDF)
PCI Change Management Form (PDF)
PCI Change Management Policy (PDF)
PCI Acceptable Technologies and Standards Policy (PDF)

Equipment Services

Equipment Handling

Equipment Removal Form Equipment Request Form

Equipment Purchases
Computer and Mobile Tablet Device Purchases Policy (PDF)
Mobile Tablet Device Purchases Guide (PDF)
Mobile Tablet Device/iPad Approval Request (PDF)
Cell Phone Policy (PDF)

Equipment Support
Classroom Equipment Loan Policy 

Server Audit Policy (PDF)
       Vulnerability Assessment Program (PDF)

Network Use

Acceptable Use
Fair, Responsible and Acceptable Use Guide (PDF)
Fair, Responsible and Acceptable Use Policy (PDF)

Remote Access
IT Remote Access Policy Policy (Word Doc)

Service Desk

Terms and Conditions


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