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Women of UD Honorees


Adèle de Batz de Trenquelléon
Foundress, Daughters of Mary Immaculate
Dr. Deb Bickford
Scholar and Administrator
Dr. Juli Burnell
Equity Advocate
Dr. Donna Cox
Reverend and Choral Conductor
Dr. Kenya Crosson
Engineer and Researcher
Daria Graham
Diversity Champion
Jessie Hathcock
Educator and Community Leader
Kathleen Henderson
Student Success Advocate
Dr. V. Denise James
Prominent Philosopher
Dr. Pat Johnson
Interdisciplinary Scholar
Marie Thérèse Charlotte de Lamourous
Patron of Marianist Lay Communities
Amy Lopez-Matthews
Change Agent
Dr. Emily Bonistall Postel
Activist and Alumna
Crystal Sullivan
Faith Leader
Kathy Webb
Innovative Leader


Dr. Amy Anderson
Global Education Champion
Adrienne Ausdenmoore
Creative Force
Erma Bombeck
Celebrated Author and Humorist
Ione Damasco
Library Scholar and Diversity Advocate
Dr. R. Elaine Dreidame
Pioneer of Women's Athletics
Shirley Favors
Dedicated Career Advisor
Dr. Natalie Hudson
Human Rights Scholar
Jacquise Jackson
Information Technology Mentor
Beth Keyes
Groundbreaker in Facilities Management
Sr. Laura Leming FMI
Leader in Faith Formation
Khalilah Manson
Student Community Advocate
Dr. Rochonda Nenonene
Educator and Equity Advocate
Dr. Margie Pinnell
Engineering Leader
Lisa Rismiller
Mentor and Equity Proponent
Dr. Linda Rodgers
Compassionate Counselor
Dr. Westina Matthews Shatteen
Accomplished Alumna


Merida Allen
Director for Multicultural/Multi-Ethnic Education and Student Leadership, Multi-Ethnic Education and Engagement Center
Laura Bistrek
Executive Director, Diversity in Engineering Center
Dr. Corinne Daprano
Interim Dean, School of Education and Health Sciences
Neomi De Anda, PhD
Associate Professor, Department of Religious Studies
Emily A. Hicks
Former Director of Information Acquisition and Organization and Associate Professor, University of Dayton Libraries
Beverly Jenkins
Director of Student Enrichment and Academic Outcomes
Suki Kwon
Associate Professor, Department of Art and Design
Melissa Longino
Assistant Vice President, Health and Wellbeing and Executive Director, Campus Recreation
Chloé Massie-Costales
Undergraduate Student, Class of 2020
Dr. Novea McIntosh
Assistant Professor, School of Education and Health Sciences, Department of Teacher Education
Margaret Peters
Educator and Historian
Dr. Leslie H. Picca
Professor of Sociology and Roesch Chair in the Social Sciences
Kathleen Rossman, O.S.F.
Retired Campus Minister
Dr. Castel Sweet
Coordinator, Community Engaged Learning and Scholarship, Fitz Center for Leadership in Community
Nan Whaley
Mayor of the City of Dayton


Dr. Shauna Adams 
Executive Director in the Center for Early Learning, Associate Professor in the School of Education and Health Sciences: Early Childhood Education
Kelly Bohrer
Director of Community Relations in the School of Engineering, Acting Director of the ETHOS Center, Adjunct Faculty in the Sustainability Program
Gerica Brown
Director of the Multi-Ethnic Engineers Program in the School of Engineering
Dr. Mary Buchwalder, MD
Medical Director of the Student Health Center
Katherine Cleaver
Assistant Vice President for Compliance in Environmental Health and Safety
Dr. Anne R. Crecelius
Associate Professor in the School of Education and Health Science: Health and Sport Science
Sangita Gosalia
Director of Campus Engagement for the Center for International Programs
Dr. Sharon Davis Gratto
Professor of Music, Graul Endowed Chair in Arts and Languages
Katy Kelly
Coordinator of Marketing and Engagement, Associate Professor in the University Libraries
Rhonda Mercs
Director of ECHO
Julianne Morgan
Academic Engagement Lead in the Office of eLearning
Robin Oldfield
Associate Vice President of Audit, Risk and Compliance, Chief Risk Officer
Elizabeth Schwartz
Director of Employee Benefits and Wellness in the Office of Human Resources
Shyanne Smith
Undergraduate Student. Sociology, Class of 2021
Tiffany Taylor Smith
Executive Director of the Office of Diversity and Inclusion


Sama Wathiq Ahmed
Undergraduate student, Mechanical Engineering Major, Human Movement Biomechanics Minor, Class of 2023
Yamilet Perez Aragon
Undergraduate student, Sustainability and Graphic Design Double Major, Class of 2023
R. Darden Bradshaw
Associate Professor, Area Coordinator of Art Education, Department of Art and Design
Katy Jo Bull
School Director, Dayton Early College Academy High School
Marie Dock
Undergraduate student, Civil Engineering (CEE) Major, Sustainability (SEE) Minor, Class of 2022
Dr. Mary Insana Fisher
Associate Professor, Department of Physical Therapy, School of Education and Health Science
Marie Schleppi Gaeke
Sr. Administrative Assistant, Engineering Management, Systems, and Technology
Beth Hart
Principal Lecturer, School of Engineering, Director for Women Engineering Program, Diversity in Engineering Center
Carissa M. Krane, PhD
Professor, Biology
Dr. Allison P. Leigh
Director of Marianist Strategies, Office for Mission and Rector
Catherine W. Mix
Associate Vice President, Strategic Enrollment Management; Director of Financial Aid
Katie Overholser
Sourcing Director, Procurement and Payable Services
Shannon Penn
Law School, Assistant Dean for Student Affairs and Registrar
Alexandra Smith
Assistant Director, Fraternity and Sorority Life
Christina Smith
Director of Residence Life, Student Development


Camryn Justice
Undergraduate Student, Electronic and Computer Technology Major
Heather R. Parsons
Coordinator of Academic Advising and Departmental Initiatives in the Department of Communication
Jada Cooper-Taylor
Product Safety Quality Assurance Engineer, B.S Industrial Engineering , 2021
Amy Lee
Assistant Director, Center for Student Involvement
Dr. Vernique J. Coleman-Stokes
Director, Center for Alcohol and Other Drugs Resources and Education (CADRE)
Laura Cotten Howell
Associate Director for Fellowships and Graduate School Advising, University Honors Program
Janet B. Morgan
Director, ERP and CRM Systems, UDit
Sr. Angela Ann Zukowski, MHSH, D.Min.
Professor, Department of Religious Studies and Director of the Institute for Pastoral Initiatives
Judy Caruso
Director of Residential Properties Operations and Maintenance in Facilities Management
Margaret M. Lisjak
Former Executive Assistant to the Provost
Rebecca Blust
Associate Professor, Department of Engineering Management, Systems, and Technology; Executive  Director, Innovation Center,  School of Engineering
Ikram Hennaoui
Undergraduate Student Psychology Major and Family Development Minor
Mary B. Ziskin
Associate Professor
Paola Ortiz Vazquez
Coordinator, Student Advising and Department Initiatives - Department of Computer Science
Sherry Williams
Administrative Assistant, Multi-Ethnic Education and Engagement Center (MEC)

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