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UD Men for Gender Equity

UD Men for Gender Equity

UD Men* for Gender Equity is an opportunity for men to increase their gender equity knowledge, skills, and strategies to affect positive personal and departmental change and enhance institutional inclusive excellence. We seek to build a network of men-identified allies among the faculty and staff who will commit to taking an active role in gender equity at UD.

  • Equity Allies:  Men* faculty and staff who attend a two- hour workshop facilitated by the Advocates (initially or an external facilitator) and then participate in ongoing professional development, through voluntary workshop opportunities. The Allies serve as proponents for gender equity in their departments and units, modeling inclusive actions.
  • Equity Advocates:  Men* faculty and staff who participate in a two- day train-the-trainer style workshop, and then work to continue campus engagement and education for themselves and others, on issues of gender equity while also serving as proponents of gender equity in their departments and units. Equity Advocates are accountable to the Women’s Advisory Council, which oversees the initiative.

*We recognize that not all people identify as "man" or "woman", so if you identify outside of the gender binary, please know that you are welcome to apply to the group that is best connected to your identity and/or lived experience.


Together, the Equity Advocates and Allies, in consultation with the Women’s Advisory Council, work to be agents of change by committing to actively engaging as vocal proponents of gender diversity and equity. 


Individuals should email with any questions or concerns.


Be an Agent of Change

University of Dayton President Eric Spina closed out the academic year by offering his thoughts on the UD Men for Gender Equity initiative and its 2020-21 efforts.

Click here to read his remarks in full.

UD Men for Gender Equity Newsletter
The UD Men for Gender Equity highlights upcoming events and campus engagement opportunities, share literature, and provide resources and tips to enhance our community’s gender equity knowledge. Each issue also features a spotlight on one of our Advocates or members of the Women's Advisory Council for an opportunity to know more about those who are involved with our initiative. Sign up for our monthly newsletter here.
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Share Your Experience
The Women's Advisory Council invites you to submit any comments, questions, or concerns related to gender equity and campus climate. The form is anonymous, and will not collect any identifying information. The Council will share these comments in aggregate with the Men's Equity Advocates and Allies as we work collaboratively to affect positive change on campus.
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