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2021 Honorees

Our Resilient Honorees Reflect on a Year of Challenges


The 2021 theme, "Leading with Character and Resilience," captures what it means to do our work in the midst of a pandemic, social and political unrest, and economic uncertainty. Each of our honorees has displayed resilience, drive, character, and tenacity as they met the challenges and created inspiring ways to move forward. Please listen to their reflections on what the experiences of this unprecedented time have meant to them.

  • Anne Crecelius
  • Elizabeth Schwartz
  • Gerica Brown
  • Dr. Anne R. Crecelius

    Associate Professor in the School of Education and Health Science: Health and Sport Science

    Read Anne Crecelius' Story

    Elizabeth Schwartz

    Director of Employee Benefits and Wellness in the Office of Human Resources

    Read Elizabeth Schwartz's Story

    Gerica Brown

    Director of the Multi-Ethnic Engineers Program in the School of Engineering

    Read Gerica Brown's Story

  • Julianne Morgan
  • Katherine Cleaver
  • Katy Kelly
  • Julianne Morgan

    Academic Engagement Lead in the Office of eLearning

    Read Julianne Morgan's Story

    Katherine Cleaver

    Assistant Vice President for Compliance in Environmental Health and Safety

    Read Katherine Cleaver's Story

    Katy Kelly

    Coordinator of Marketing and Engagement; Associate Professor in the University Libraries

    Read Katy Kelly's Story

  • Kelly Bohrer
  • Mary Buchwalder
  • Rhonda Mercs
  • Kelly Bohrer

    Director of Community Relations in the School of Engineering; Acting Director of the ETHOS Center; Adjunct Faculty in the Sustainability Program

    Read Kelly Bohrer's Story

    Dr. Mary Buchwalder, MD

    Medical Director of the Student Health Center

    Read Dr. Mary Buchwalder's Story

    Rhonda Mercs

    Director of ECHO

    Read Rhonda Merc's Story

  • Robin Oldfield
  • Sangita Gosalia
  • Sharon Davis Gratto
  • Robin Oldfield

    Associate Vice President of Audit, Risk and Compliance; Chief Risk Officer

    Read Robin Oldfield's Story

    Sangita Gosalia

    Director of Campus Engagement for the Center for International Programs

    Read Sangita Gosalia's Story

    Dr. Sharon Davis Gratto

    Professor of Music; Graul Endowed Chair in Arts and Languages

    Read Sharon Davis Gratto's Story

  • Shauna Adams
  • Shyanne Smith
  • Tiffany Taylor Smith
  • Dr. Shauna Adams

    Executive Director in the Center for Early Learning; Associate Professor in the School of Education and Health Sciences: Early Childhood Education

    Read Shauna Adams’ Story

    Shyanne Smith

    Undergraduate Student. Sociology, Class of 2021

    Read Shyanne Smith's Story

    Tiffany Taylor Smith

    Executive Director of the Office of Diversity and Inclusion

    Read Tiffany Taylor Smith's Story