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Special Reports

COVID-19, Gender, and Caretaking: Survey Results

The Women’s Center conducted a survey to evaluate the caregiving and remote work experiences of faculty, staff, and administrators amidst the pandemic. The purpose of this survey was to gain information about the caregiving responsibilities of faculty and staff at the University, explore challenges and opportunities related to remote work, and make recommendations to University leadership based on the results.

Access the report here.

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Special Report: COVID-19 and Gender

The Women's Center develops special reports and research guides for the campus community in response to local, national and global issues. COVID-19 and Gender: Impacts and Resources provides a timely summary of major research and reports related to coronavirus and gender, with a focus on the impact on women in the workplace, both nationally and within the UD context. Curating recommendations from numerous sources, guidance is offered on cultivating inclusive workplace practices amidst the global pandemic.

Access the guide here 

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