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Students Advocating for Gender Equity

Students Advocating for Gender Equity (SAGE) student organization contributes to the Women’s Center mission, developing student leaders committed to diversity equity and inclusion, and providing empowering programs to the UD community and service to the community's social justice issues of the day. From events planning for Love Your Body Week, to partnering with local non-profits in the fight against anti-trafficking, SAGE provides students with hands-on experience as they develop skills that will be useful to them in the wide variety of fields that they pursue after graduation. Get involved to find out how through collaborative leadership, your passion and academic journey can meet a need for the common good.

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Womanists Empower

Co-sponsored by MEC, the mission of this organization is to empower women in marginalized communities and hold events to give these women a voice in facing their injustices. 

Las Mujeristas

Co-sponsored by MEC, the mission of this organization is to provide a community and safe space for Latinas on campus that might consider themselves as mujeristas. In this space, we will discuss issues that are going on worldwide and on campus, spread awareness on these, and create community service opportunities to give back to the Greater Dayton community. 

Las Mujeristas is on pause due to eboard members studying abroad and serving in other student organizations. 


Alumni Hall
300 College Park
Dayton, Ohio 45469 - 0322