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Voices Raised

The UD Women’s Center Newsletter

Voices Raised is a free, once-a-semester publication with content focused on faculty and staff needs and interests. 

Academic Year 2020-2021

The Women’s Center did not publish newsletters during the year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 


Academic Year 2019-2020

Issue 56 - March ’20

Ecofeminism; women’s suffrage; 2020 Women of UD; From the Director‘s Desk

Issue 55 October '19

Climate change and migration through a gendered lens; gender & media literacy; women in sports: that's the tea; UD men for gender equity:  women's advisory council; Gender equity research fellowship; From the director's desk

Academic Year 2018-2019

Issue 54 March '19

Campus climate for women employees; UD women through the years; Meet the interns; Trailblazing book drive; Club sandwich generation; From the director's desk

Issue 53 October '18

Diversity and equity in UD's Workforce; Fresh space; Meet the SAGEs; Voices from WGS; Gender equity research fellowship; From the director's desk

Academic Year 2017-2018

Issue 52 March '18

Gender bias in SET; UD women through the years; Meet the sisters; Combating violence with action; A reflection on difference; From the director's desk

Issue 51 October '17

(Re)envisioning for the future; Voices from WGS, 40 years; Empowering the student neighborhood; Student loans and side hustles; Gender and culture collide in India; From the director's desk

Academic Year 2016-2017

Issue 50March '17

50 issues strong; Women's history month, super she-roes; Alumna profile, Ashley Solomon; WGS students March on Washington; How gender affects health; An update on the director search

Issue 49 - October '16

Balancing family, career, and life; Saying goodbye to Lisa Rismiller, WC Founding Director; Meet our new staff; WGS Program; Women making history; Voices from UDRI

Academic Year 2015-2016

Issue 48 - March '16

UD Hijabi Monologues; Lives without children; Women's History Month; Sisterhood of the Traveling Scarf, Reflections on WGS, graduating staff

Issue 47 - October '15

Creating journeys of survival; UD’s first LGBTQ+ support services GA; Teaching and research for social change; Love your body; The Resource Library

Academic Year 2014-2015

Issue 46 - March '15

Feminism Isn’t a Reality in the American Dream; Women’s History Month; 2015 Miryam Award Winners; Clothes That Work: A Closet for 18,000; Hannah’s Treasure Chest: Treasure for Those Who Need it; ‘Equality or GTFO’

Issue 45 - December '14

It’s All About Us (It’s All About You); Women’s Center Welcomes Three New Staff Members; Health Center services; Women’s and Gender Studies: Join the Discussion; The Online Presence of the Women’s Center

Academic Year 2013-2014

Issue 44 - April '14

The 2014 Miryam Award; Campus to Career 2014; I Hate Bullies; Have you made your graduation “bucket list?”; Sinus Infections; Inspiration Station; Female Flyers – Consistent Leaders On and Off the Court; UD alumnae among 2014’s Top 25 Women to Watch

Issue 43 - March '14

Women you may never have known but should never forget; Coffee; Voices Away From Home: From the Known to the Unknown; It’s Time to Go Green; The Last Box; University of Dayton Celebrates the Accomplishments of Women

Issue 42 - December '13

The Adventure of a Lifetime; Follow Your Heart; It’s a Bird. It’s a Plane. No, it’s Mentor Woman; It would have killed you; Raise Your Awareness of Endometrial Cancer; Love Your Body Month; International Friendship Family 

Issue 41 - October '13

Academic Year 2012-2013

Issue 40 - April '13

Merit and Modesty: The Miryam Award; Sleep; Remembering Friendship; Women and Equal Pay Day; Dedication to a Department and a Community; Inspiring Women in Unexpected Places; What Can You Do With a WGS Major or Minor?; Creative Chameleon: The Lovely Lauren; Tradition vs. Truth: Rediscovered Destiny; (Un)equal pay for women; The Changing Roles of American Women 

Issue 39 - March '13

Women’s History Month Poster Competition; “Does the Health Center do STD testing?”; Warning Signs of an Abusive Relationship; Artful Inspirations; Catering Queen; Proving the Potential of Young Women; Short Story by Jessica Wessel; Anniversaries can trigger many emotions

Issue 38 - December '12

Consciousness Rising 2013; “low  T”; The Experience of a Lifetime; WGS Program; Coaching by the Hoop, We Are in the Loop; What Does Venus Smell Like?; Short Story by Stacie Covington; We are all teachers and learners 

Issue 37 - October '12

Title IX: Liberty and Justice for All; Inspirational Idol Barbara Palmer; Magical Mentoring; Kickin’ it with Kristen Altenau; Give Me Your Hand; Vegetarian Society of Greater Dayton; Songs to Signs; Me, Homesick?; Political Prominence of Women; Dimensions of Wellness

Academic Year 2011-2012

Issue 36 - April '12

Sexual Assault- A Secret and Hidden Crime; Relay for Life; Mentoring Program; Comadres of El Salvador; WGS grants winners; Being Worth Your Weight; Date Rape Drugs; I am a feminist because…; Who says, “UD’s not an ‘activist campus’”?

Issue 35 - March '12

LaFrae Sci: The Healing Power of Music; Celebrating Women’s History Month; Miryam Award Recognizes Students; Marianist Sisters: 50 years at UD; Cancer Prevention; Mindfulness Meditation; The Plague of a Learned Wife; Miryam Award Evolves

Issue 34 - December '11

Sweats to Suits 2012; 100 years of Engineering Excellence: Women’s strides in a challenging field; WGS goes to London; The women of 39 Evanston; Memories and Musings from Mrs. Claus; Dining hall health foods?; Navigating the holidays after the death of a loved one; Sweats to Suits 2011; All ages, learning from each other

Issue 33 - October '11

UD’s new Coordinator of Sexual Violence Prevention Education; Nancy Mairs: Walking with God Literature; A Woman Calling to Catholic Faith; W.O.R.D. Women of Remarkable Distinction; Eating Disorder Awareness; Modern-day Slavery and What You Can Do About It; October Optimism

Academic Year 2010-2011

Issue 32 - April '11

Many hands make light work; MS Fight Takes Many Paths; Student Voices Heard on Critical Issue; Sweats to Suits: Bridging the Gap from Campus to Career; Going Pro in Puerto Rico; Introducing UD's Youngest Feminists; Getting “Juiced” the healthy way; Am I too young/old for that?; UD Women’s Athletics: Abundant Success; Read carefully…there might be a test

Issue 31 - March '11

Our History is Our Strength; National Girls & Women in Sports Day; UD team to be inducted into Ohio Basketball Hall of Fame; Miryam Award Winner; Why Do We Diet?; Ritual of the Bee Priestess; Building Communities of Women 

Issue 30 - December '10

Sisterhood of the Traveling Scarf; Dr. Corvino Speaks on Homosexuality; Center for Social Concern Offers Break-out Trips; UD Shows Continues Dedication to Women’s Athletics; The A Team; There’s no (bent) grass growing under these sisters feet; The Importance of Taking Time for Yourself; Home for the Holidays; Unique Nativity Scenes; Thanks to those who make UD “run like butter”

Issue 29 - October '10

Women journalists come to UD; Love Your Body Month; UD Women Athletes & Breast Cancer Awareness; OMA Welcomes New Director; But He Doesn’t Hit Me; Is Your Relationship Emotionally Abusive?; UD Women’s Athletics; Newsletter focus on UD women’s athletics

Academic Year 2009-2010

Issue 28 - April '10

The L.E.A.D.E.R. Consortium’s Support for Women Faculty; Miryam Award Recipients; Passionate about Women’s Equity; LEADER Consortium Appoints Equity Advisors; How to Prevent “Summer Haze”; UD’s Women’s Basketball Team on Their NCCA Appearance; Supporting Women’s Athletics

Issue 27 - February '10

100 years of International Women’s Day; Muslim Women’s Conference; From Dedicated Athlete to Senior Administrator; Putting a Stop to Human Trafficking; Think Thinness = Beauty? THINK AGAIN; Influential Women in World History; Teaching Young Women What They’re Really Worth

Issue 26 - December '09

“Anything You Can Do, I Can do Better”; Angela Davis Visits UD; UD’s Coming Out Week; Overcoming Obstacles While Living Her Passion; Breaking Sorority Stereotypes; Helping Family and Friends with Eating Concerns through the Holidays; What do you love most about your body?; Incorporating Faith into Daily Life

Issue 25 - October '09

Students Helping Students Make Important Decisions; Love Your Body; Promoting Community Wellness; “WISE” Up; Questions About H1N1?; Get Vaccinated!; Learn to Love Yourself as You Are; Next Time You’re In a Dressing Room, Take Notice; Think Before You Pink

Academic Year 2008-2009

Issue 24 - April '09

First Female Endowed Chair of A&S; Lessons Learned; Creating a Culture of Respect; Administrative Professionals Week; Annual Miryam Award Winners; The Importance of Taking Time for Yourself; Equal Pay Day; Undercurrents of sexist and anti-feminist thought at UD

Issue 23 - February '09

The Thin Line; Women’s History Month; Remembering Joyce Durham; Peace OutSide Campus; What is Normal?; Strength, Grace, and Power: Reflections on Women in Athletics; Marianist Heritage Celebration 

Issue 22 - December '08

Women of the 2008 Election; The Women of the Flyer Enterprises; Beady Eyes; The C.A.D.I.E. Project; Holiday Traditions; Women’s Center Mentoring Program; National Coming Out Day at UD; Love/Avon Army of Women

Issue 21 - October '08

Love Your Body; Stand Up and Vote; Introducing Dr. Rebecca Whisnant; SGA’s Emi & Emily; The Fight against Eating Disorders; The Link Between Alcohol and Breast Cancer; Women’s issues on the agenda in regards to voting 

Academic Year 2007-2008

Issue 20 - April '08

Advocates for Women’s Equality All Year Long; How to Get More Efficient women in the Workplace; Portait of a Alumna; “Gay? I’m Cool With That”; The Do’s and Don’t of Making a Good, Professional Impression; 10 Powerful Career Strategies; Women’s History Month!; What have YOU been doing for the past five years?

Issue 19 - March '08

The First 25 Years of Women Students at UD; Women’s History Month; O’Rourke Award Honors Two Outstanding Seniors; Amy Anderson taking the Reins for International Women’s Day; Penis Envy? No Thanks!; The Women’s Center Grows in Resources; The UD Woman, 1937 to 2008; UD Women 1937-1962; Parents changing unhealthy aspects of UD student life

Issue 18 - December '07

Women and Politics; Native American Woman Author comes to UD; Unity Week; Marianist Sisters on Campus; Christmas on Campus Leaders Keeping the Tradition; What is Really Important During the Holidays; Avoiding the Holidays Stress; Rape and personal safety / self-defense

Issue 17 - October '07

Loving Your Body From the Inside Out; Out of the Shadows; One-to-One with Sr. Schmeling; Women’s Leadership House Leading Discussion; Date Rape Drugs; Mary’s Presence on Campus is Strengthened; Breast Cancer Awareness Spreads Through Dayton; Stop Hate Week

Academic Year 2006-2007

Issue 16 - April '07

Encountering God Women’s Retreat; Award winner goes beyond required duties; Campaigns show support for LGBT community; Stander Symposium; Students raise money for women’s shelter in Guatemala; Take the plunge; Volunteering provides  real benefits; Volunteering to Explore Career Possibilities; Expressing Your Feelings; Challenges faced by UD women faculty

Issue 15 - March '07

Celebrating Women’s History; International Women’s Day: Acknowledging the contributions of women; Round of Applause For…Dr. Caroline Merithew; Defying traditional female roles; ATWLC Committee plans for success; How Powerful is Your Inner Voice?; Voices of Women in History; Challenging behavior that works against our community

Issue 14 - December '06

Upholding Marianist Values; Revised AA/EEO policy includes sexual orientation; Spread the Holiday Spirit to Local Neighborhoods; Mentoring Program; Students empower women in Africa; Main identity of professor is engineer, not female; Minimize Your Holiday Pitfalls; Giving Thanks to Women In Your Life

Issue 13 - October '06

Hope for Women Survivors of Sexual Abuse; Stop Hate Week; Love Your Body Month; UD Alumna Leads Womens Engineering Program; Students appreciate friendly campus; Love Yourself, Invest in Yourself; Do employers use Facebook to check employees?; When was the last time you offended another member of the UD community?

Academic Year 2005-2006

Issue 12 - April '06

Enhancing the Climate for Women; Gay? Fine by me; Wisdom from some of UD’s busiest women; Don’t forget…Mother’s Day; WGS Moves Forward; Mentoring Program: Continuing to Grow; Connecting to UD; Committee strives for feminist voices to be heard; Women’s roles may not be as expected; Fighting oppression, one pornographic image at a time; Music can be a source of empowerment or degradation or women

Issue 11 - February '06

Women’s History Month; HERS develops future women leaders; Women’s Leadership Conference promises real stories from real women; New Opportunities in Women’s Studies; UD’s Woman of Influence; The Art of Irish Dance; Body Monologues calls for thoughts about your body; UD Monologues is a diverse show everyone can relate to; Keep your mind and heart open to new possibilities

Issue 10 - December '05

Celebrating diversity; Human Rights Week; First year students prepare for new holiday experiences; Unity Week; New People, New Projects in Women’s Studies; UD student brings attention to Uganda; Breast Friends; Menopause…now what?; Artists Speak Out on Ending Racism; Women of Faith builds community through spiritual experience

Issue 9 - October '05

85th Anniversary of Women’s Suffrage; Be a Better You; Alcohol affects women’s bodies different from men’s; Changing the World…for Academic Credit; The Learning Space; Women’s Studies majors put gender in focus; “Would we love it if we had it?”; Department of Visual Art Faculty Exhibit; Embracing diversity can better our community and ourselves.

Academic Year 2004-2005

Issue 8 - April '05

Taking Time for Families; Award honors work on behalf of women; Students gear up for Daytona trip; Academic Excellence in Women’s Studies; Miryam Award; Mullin to discuss leadership at Round Table; Leadership House offers women chance to learn and serve; Trying to catch a break; Showcasing God’s Beauty; Can a few caring, committed people create positive change?

Issue 7 - March '05

Shaping Leaders; Panel challenges labels; Women’s History Month; The Thirst for Women’s Studies; Book group strives for understanding; Grad student serves as ambassador for India; Am I supposed to feel like this?; Honors Art Exhibit; Mid-Life; What does it mean to be an “activist”?

Issue 6 - December '04

Immaculate Mary; Grants augment women’s research; Mentoring grows; Women’s Studies take root in the neighborhood; Solution-oriented VP to retire; Muslim students strive to educate, support; Don’t let stress ruin your holidays; Dining services dishes up more than you’d expect; Marianist Images Across Campus; Confronting Disrespect: We Owe it to Each Other

Issue 5 - October '04

Our Common Ground; Team works to stop discrimination; Mentoring program; Expanding the Conversation; Research earns student accolades; Allies more than just a “safe space”; How risky is getting pierced?; What I wish we would have known; UD Women Conquer; Women’s Suffrage; Which comes first, race or sex

Academic Year 2003-2004

Issue 4 - April '04

3rd annual Women’s Leadership Conference; 2004 Miryam Award; Mentoring program begins planning for year two; Women’s Studies Then and Now; Women in Juarez inspire students; Walking for a cause and a cure; Making smart – and tough – health care decisions; Is there anything as a healthy tan?; Picturing Faith; Tips for Internet security from UD Public Safety; Is sexual assault a problem at UD? 

Issue 3 - March '04

Walking a ‘Thin Line’; UD celebrates women’s history; Marge Piercy: Poet, Activist, Feminist; Dieting Truth or Dare; Women band together; Energy key in alternative medicine;Grants seed great projects for women faculty; Collaboration is key to the Women’s Center’s impact

Issue 2 - December '03

25 years dedicated to advancing gender equity; Mentoring gets a positive start; Ways to keep cool under stress; Charism 101; POP celebrates 10 years; Social Justice; Women in science and math band together; We all have a stake in diversity at UD

Issue 1 - October '03

National Breast Cancer Awareness Month; The Clothesline Project; Mentoring Program; Graffiti: The Reality of Discrimination; The world judges before it understands; Are You a Feminist?

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