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Salary Negotiation

Why Salary Negotiation?

Research on the gender pay gap shows that, one year out of college, women are already paid significantly less than men. Women who work full time take home about 80 cents for every dollar a full-time male worker is paid. And over a lifetime, those lost potential earnings add up. Women who negotiate increase their potential to earn higher salaries and better benefits packages. By negotiating fair and equitable salaries, you’ll be better able to pay off loans, buy the things you want and need, and even save for retirement.

Salary Negotiation Workshops

Negotiating salaries and benefits is a challenge for individuals at all stages of their careers. We facilitate Start Smart Workshops designed for students about to enter the job market to learn strategies and skills to negotiate their starting salaries. We also provide an online Work Smart module for those already in the workforce to learn ways to negotiate for a new job, raise, or promotion.

In each workshop you’ll gain confidence in your negotiation style through facilitated discussion and learn:

  • About the wage gap, including its long-term consequences;
  • How to identify and articulate your personal value;
  • How to conduct objective market research to benchmark a target salary and benefits;
  • Strategies for making the ask including deflection, building your pitch, and responding persuasively.

Learn More

American Association of University Women (AAUW)

The American Association of University Women is the nation’s leading voice promoting equity and education for women and girls. Their mission is to advance gender equity for women and girls through research, education, and advocacy.

Equal Rights Advocates

Equal Rights Advocates fights for gender justice in workplaces and schools across the country. They work on the front lines of social justice to protect and advance rights and opportunities for women, girls, and people of all gender identities.

The Institute for Women’s Policy Research conducts and communicates research to inspire public dialogue, shape policy, and improve the lives and opportunities of women of diverse backgrounds, circumstances, and experiences. They are a think tank applying quantitative and qualitative analysis of public policy through a gendered lens.

National Committee on Pay Equity

The National Committee on Pay Equity is a coalition of women's and civil rights organizations; labor unions; religious, professional, legal, and educational associations, commissions on women, state and local pay equity coalitions and individuals working to eliminate sex- and race-based wage discrimination and to achieve pay equity.

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