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Beth Keyes

Beth Keyes

Written by Anna Rose Redgate '20

In a small construction trailer parked outside of the UD Arena undergoing the largest, most prominent capital project in University of Dayton history sits Beth Keyes. Though rarely sitting, one can often find Keyes inside the construction site, observing renovation on the Arena Transformation where she has been named Project Management Officer. When considering those who have created significant change on University of Dayton’s physical campus, few have made as large of an impact as Beth Keyes. In her nearly 30 year career, members of the UD community and beyond have enjoyed the changes on campus that are often a direct result of her leadership.

After earning a Bachelor of Science in Design from the University of Cincinnati, Keyes moved back to the Dayton area to start her career working for several architectural firms, where she had UD as a customer beginning in 1983 working on Anderson Hall. As a result, she pursued a position working directly for UD as a project manager for Facilities Management in 1990. From there on, Keyes began her ascent up the Facilities Management ladder, serving as the Assistant Vice President in Facilities Management, then Vice President in Facilities Management and Campus Operations. In 2017, she stepped down as VP to work full time as the Project Management Officer for the UD Arena Transformation.

Keyes is, in every sense of the word, a groundbreaker. During her career at UD, she has overseen several beloved campus projects, including the renovation of the iconic Chapel of the Immaculate Conception, the building of the new RecPlex, Keller Law School, and the two Arena renovations. However, these major projects do not even showcase the everyday facilities and auxiliary services Keyes managed to keep the university running smoothly, including dining services, retail operations, card services, the post office, and more.

In a role typically held by men at most universities, Keyes has had to shatter several glass ceilings in her time at UD to get where she is today. “Working in a field comprised mainly of men has been challenging, but not as great of a challenge as being given a chance at the top,” Keyes said. As a wife and mother of three, she balanced her demanding role at work with home life.

Guided by the principle mission to prioritize the education and safety of students, Keyes prides herself on the growth of UD’s campus. When reflecting on her greatest accomplishments, Keyes cites “…changing the footprint of campus as it grew west, and shaping the land planning from 1990 to present” as topping her extensive list. As the university continues to develop, she hopes to see the campus to expand  with newer buildings and maintain the beautiful grounds enjoyed by all.

For years to come, community members, faculty, staff, and students alike will enjoy the benefits of Keyes’ direction and hard work. She is grateful for the University of Dayton and for the opportunities and education it has provided for both her family and herself.  The cherished aesthetic of UD’s campus has been forever impacted by her sheer dedication to improving the campus community as a whole., The community is eternally grateful for her leadership and tireless efforts to making UD a wonderful home.