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Adrienne Ausdenmoore

Adrienne Ausdenmoore

Written by Dr. Deb Bickford

If ever there is an inspiration on campus to model the phrase “trust the process” or “let go and let God,” it is Adrienne Ausdenmoore, Director of the Institute of Applied Creativity for Transformation (IACT) at ArtStreet. A courageous and innovative leader, Adrienne has been willing to figuratively get into the boat and proceed on journeys with fuzzy but ambitious destinations. In the process, she has discovered that learning and joyful moments come from the uncertainty, from mastering the process of shooting the rapids and winding up in a place even better than you imagined possible. She has so much to offer students as a vocational guide to their journeys, having built her own career at UD by trusting the process. Adrienne is proof that transdisciplinary work and vocational exploration are invaluable to self-fulfillment and growth.

Adrienne is an alumna of UD, having come to UD in 2000 as a visual communication design major. She was also a member of the Honors program and worked on a thesis that connected her with the faculty and staff committee working on developing the concept that became ArtStreet,,. Her insights were invaluable in shaping committee impressions of ArtStreet’s potential. From the beginning, she was drawn to work at the intersections of traditional disciplines, and this interest has equipped her well for the work she does today.

As she neared graduation, she was approached by ArtStreet’s first Director, Melinda Simon, and encouraged to join ArtStreet. Following her passion and her willingness to trust the process, Adrienne accepted the job as a part-time administrative assistant, much to the surprise of her parents who were supportive but concerned about her future. She recalls her first day on the job in August of 2004 when she and Melinda were handed the keys to ArtStreet’s unfinished learning living community that was opening nonetheless. Her first official task was to go shopping for pens and paper in order to be able to work—she was (and is) willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done. This job led to a full-time position and an incredible journey in the department. In July 2017, Adrienne assumed the role as the department’s fourth Director, now called IACT at ArtStreet. Working with Executive Director Brian LaDuca, she led the evolution, development, and anchoring of the foundation of ArtStreet into IACT.

Adrienne is a superb administrator and creative visionary who seeks change for the Common Good. She is a key collaborator on many high-level University strategic vision goals including experiential learning, transdisciplinary and applied creativity outcomes. She recently  received a vocational grant for her class Design Your Life, of which she led the development after attending a prestigious program at Stanford University and joining a global community of action-oriented University educators. What better leader to model the way than someone whose life’s work has evolved from costumer, choreographer, and dancer to graphic designer to educator, helping students be active participants in designing their lives?