Name & Title
Image for Cecilia Mushenheim

Cecilia Mushenheim

Research Assistant/Cataloger

Email: Cecilia Mushenheim

Phone: 937-229-4294

Libraries: Marian Library
Image for Constance Norman

Constance Norman

Material Preparation and Book Repair Specialist

Email: Constance Norman

Phone: 937-229-4277

Libraries: Binding and Repair
Image for Ryan O

Ryan O'Grady

Digital Projects Manager

Email: Ryan O'Grady

Phone: 937-229-4409

Libraries: Information Systems and Digital Access
Image for Diane Osman

Diane Osman

Administrative Assistant

Email: Diane Osman

Phone: (937)-229-4264

Libraries: Deans Office
Image for Joan Plungis

Joan Plungis

Associate Professor; Reference and Instruction Librarian

Email: Joan Plungis

Phone: 937-229-4245

Full-Time Faculty
Libraries: Reference and Instruction
Image for Tina M Powell

Tina M Powell

Administrative Associate for Business Affairs

Email: Tina M Powell

Phone: 937-229-4264

Libraries: Collections and Operations
Image for Frances Rice

Frances Rice

Associate Professor; Director of Information Systems & Digital Access

Email: Frances Rice

Phone: 937-229-3551

Full-Time Faculty
Libraries: Information Systems and Digital Access
Image for Fr. Johann Roten

Fr. Johann Roten

Director of Research and Special Projects

Email: Fr. Johann Roten

Phone: 937-229-4257

Libraries: IMRI
Image for Jillian Sandy

Jillian Sandy

Research Services Assistant

Email: Jillian Sandy

Phone: 937-229-4280

Libraries: Reference and Instruction
Image for Maureen Schlangen

Maureen Schlangen

E-scholarship and communications manager

Email: Maureen Schlangen

Phone: 937-229-2907

Libraries: Digital Collections

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