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History of UD Men for Gender Equity

Founded at North Dakota State University (NDSU), Advocates and Allies Men Faculty Gender Equity Initiative focuses on developing men’s gender equity knowledge, skills, and strategies to affect positive personal, departmental, and institutional change. The initiative also focuses on building a network of men allies who are committed to gender equity and a cadre of advocates trained to facilitate workshops. The NSF-funded initiative has since expanded beyond its original STEM focus to other disciplines and has been adopted by numerous universities.

In January 2019, the UD Men for Gender Equity Initiative launched at the University of Dayton. The initiative was coordinated by a Planning Team with representatives from across UD's campus. Facilitators from North Dakota State University and Auburn University came to UD to offer Men’s Equity Allies Workshops, as well as sessions for women interested in learning about this initiative. Over two days, 166 campus members attended equity workshops (3 sessions for men, and 2 sessions for women).

In September 2019, these facilitators returned to campus to offer both the two-hour Equity Allies Workshops and the two-day, advanced-level Equity Advocates retreat. Men-identified Equity Advocates will then serve as facilitators for future Equity Allies sessions, with the goal of expanding and sustaining the initiative moving forward. The external facilitators also trained the newly named members of the Women's Advisory Council, as the initiative transitions to their leadership.

Prior to the creation of the WAC in Summer 2019, the initiative was managed by a Planning Team, which provided coordination and oversight for the initiative.

Members of the UD Men for Gender Equity Planning Team (2018-19):

  • Jordyn Baker, Case Manager, Equity Compliance Office
  • Laura Bistrek, Executive Director, Diversity in Engineering Center, School of Engineering
  • Dr. Lisa Borello, Director, Women’s Center
  • Dr. Jon Hess, Associate Dean for Faculty Scholarship, Internationalization and Inclusive Excellence, College of Arts & Sciences
  • Kristen Altenau Keen, Assistant Dean of Students for Education, Support, and Student Empowerment, Student Development
  • Dr. Caroline Merithew, Associate Professor of History, Equity Advisor - School of Engineering
  • Dr. Margie Pinnell, Associate Dean for Faculty and Staff Development, School of Engineering
  • Dr. Danielle Poe, Associate Dean for Curriculum and Academic Outcomes, College of Arts & Sciences
  • Tiffany Taylor Smith, Executive Director for Inclusive Excellence Education, Office of Diversity and Inclusion
  • Dr. Amy Zavadil, Equity Compliance Office


Individuals should email with any questions or concerns.

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