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Equity Advocates

Equity Advocates

Equity Advocates are a group of men*-identified faculty, staff and administrators who participate in a two day, train-the-trainer style workshop, and then work to continue campus engagement and education for themselves and others, on issues of gender equity while also serving as proponents of gender equity in their departments and units. Equity Advocates facilitate Equity Allies workshops.

*We recognize that not all people identify as "man" or "woman", so if you identify outside of the gender binary, please know that you are welcome to apply to the group that is best connected to your identity and/or lived experience.


  • Attend Equity Advocates training session.
  • Facilitate short workshops for Equity Allies (1-2 times per semester).
  • Participate in meetings with the Women’s Advisory Council and with other Equity Advocates.
  • Participate in key UD Men for Gender Equity events.
  • Advocate for equitable treatment of women faculty and staff on campus.

Equity Advocates: 2019-2021

Applications for the 2021-22 academic year will be available soon.

Faisal Chaudry, Assistant Professor, Law School and Department of History

Bio: I am a historian and legal scholar interested in the relationship between law and  global political economy in the historical and comparative perspectives. 

Advocacy Statement: I am interested in the EA program because in both my academic and advocacy work it is impossible not to see that misogyny and gender inequity remain major barriers to building just social and political institutions and, therefore, a truer form of democracy.

Doug Daniels, Director, Integrated Science and Engineering Center and the Department of Chemistry

Bio: Doug is a biomedical researcher at the interface of chemistry and biology with experience as a team member and leader in academic, industrial, and non-profit sectors. At UD, he works to support and advance faculty and student research across STEM fields.

Advocacy Statement: I am excited to learn and practice ways of improving gender equity from the individual to organizational level, and I am grateful to do so with the framework, support, and guidance of this group.

Lee Dixon, Associate Professor & Chair, Department of Psychology

Bio: Lee has been at UD since 2009 and has been chair of the Department of Psychology since 2016. His education is in Clinical Psychology and his area of research focuses on the relationship between mental health, personality, and intimate relationships. 

Advocacy Statement: Lee became interested in being an EA due to his realization of the lack of gender equity at UD and how it affects his colleagues. His desire is that being an EA will help him understand better the ways that he contributes to gender inequity, learn ways to be a part of abolishing inequity, and help others do the same. 

Chris Fishpaw, Student Leadership Programs

Bio: I am a two-time University of Dayton graduate and my current responsibilities include the development and implementation of the University of Dayton Framework for Student Leadership Development, the Leadership in Service Scholarship program, and advising the undergraduate Student Government Association.  I also serve the university on several committees and initiatives, including work with Community Standards and Civility, Equity Compliance, Leadership UD, and more.

Advocacy Statement: I am so excited to serve as an equity advocate.  In my time at UD I have witnessed the ways in which gender-based discrimination and harassment have impacted colleagues and initiatives, and strive to act in ways that disrupt these problematic behaviors.  I am committed to continuing my education around ways to engage in allyship and advocacy and helping to bring other men-identified staff and faculty into this conversation and work to create an equitable campus environment.

Benjamin Kunz, Associate Professor in the Department of Psychology

Bio: I've been at the University of Dayton for 10 years. My work revolves around the study and teaching of perception, specifically the ways we see and navigate the physical environment. 

Advocacy Statement: In my work at the University of Dayton, I hope to also be an advocate for fairness, equity and justice among my colleagues, students and members of our community. We have the capacity to right the ongoing gender-based inequities in our community, and I see that endeavor as every bit as important as my teaching and research. In my role as a gender equity advocate I will continuously engage in self-education, educating other men-identified faculty, staff and students, and influencing policy and practice to embody equity.

Grant Neeley, Chair, Department of Political Science

Bio: Grant researches and teaches in public policy, public administration, and political science.

Advocacy Statement: His interest in the Equity Advocates program stems from his observations, across multiple institutions, of the challenging environment for women colleagues.

Patrick Thomas, Associate Professor, Department of English

Bio: Patrick teaches courses in professional and technical writing, rhetoric, and literacy studies. His is also the Director of Undergraduate Programs for the Department of English.

Advocacy Statement: I am especially interested in helping to shape organizational change around issues of gender inequity at UD, and to help other men-identified colleagues recognize their roles in that work as well. 

 Dr. Jon Hess, Associate Dean, College of Arts & Sciences, will serve as a liaison to both the Equity Advocates and the Women's Advisory Council.

Share Your Experience´╗┐
The Women's Advisory Council invites you to submit any comments, questions, or concerns related to gender equity and campus climate. The form is anonymous, and will not collect any identifying information. The Council will share these comments in aggregate with the Men's Equity Advocates and Allies as we work collaboratively to affect positive change on campus.
Share Your Experience


Individuals should email with any questions or concerns.

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