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Advancing Autonomy

New award will support Air Force autonomous capabilities

Sustainable Fuels

Alternative fuels are more important than ever

65th Anniversary

Celebrating 65 years as a leader in advanced research and technologies for a better world.

UDRI's own 'Crisis Hero'

Researcher recognized for coordinating blood drives during pandemic

Sidhu promoted to Executive Director

UDRI’s new ED brings leadership skills, experience at all organizational levels

There's a lot riding on them

A new Air Force award will allow us to expand our work to help keep landing gear robust

FastLane featured in local documentary to premiere

FastLane's outstanding work during the pandemic was captured in a short film by Hard Road Pictures

Raising the bar

UD maintains its national first-place rank in materials engineering research

From Dayton to Mars

UDRI researchers helped NASA plan Perseverance mission

A legacy of success

When Allan Crasto retires, he will leave behind a legacy of significant organizational growth

Propel Dayton

UD's new program for entrepreneurs designed to move start-ups forward

With an AIMM for safer face masks

UDRI scientist on way to becoming entrepreneur to bring reusable N95 mask to market

At the Surface

New award for advanced coatings systems to prevent corrosion, extend system life.

A flyer returns

Our new associate director for contracts and grants knows federal contracting—and UD. 

Identify, Apply, Scale

The Air Force Rapid Sustainment Office will launch a sustainment innovation hub.

Jet fuel from junk

We help clear the way for new alternative fuels, including a manufacturing process that uses synthetic crude from garbage.

Advancing AI for medicine

UDRI sensors scientist Barath Narayanan has developed software systems to identify illness such as COVID-19 on medical images.

Isolation gowns for Premier Health

UDRI’s FastLane coordinated a second PPE effort for local healthcare workers.

FastLane coordinates local PPE production

UDRI's FastLane will coordinate the local part of a statewide effort to produce desperately needed personal protective equipment (PPE).

Battling COVID-19

Software developed by a University of Dayton Research Institute scientist to quickly diagnose COVID-19 has been exclusively licensed by Greenville, South Carolina, software development company Blue Eye Soft.

Best Place to Work!

UDRI recognized as one of the best employers in the Miami Valley

Fouled fuel

When multiple jet aircraft were forced to make emergency landings after engine failure, fuels researchers at UDRI quickly identified the problem.

Outstanding research shows in NSF rankings

The University of Dayton moved into the top spot among all U.S. Catholic colleges for research in the physical sciences in the latest NSF rankings.

Turning up the heat

Developing fuel-oil coolers using additive manufacturing

Georgia on My Mind

Warner Robins, Georgia, sits 613 miles from Dayton, but feels like it’s “just around the corner.”

Screening alternative fuels

UD School of Engineering and Research Institute are selected as first in nation to prescreen alternative aviation fuels for viability to enter the American Society for Testing and Materials.

Building steam

Bringing science, technology, engineering, arts and math to younger students can influence career choices 

Predicting behavior

Understanding how materials perform will help predict future behavior and lifespan.

Seeing clearly now

A new water repellent will keep rain from pooling on aircraft canopies.

Associate Director Taylor Renner will support leadership as UDRI continues to grow

Beneath the surface

Ultrasound and X-ray are just some of the ways we can look below the surface of a structure without damage.

Up and away

Advancing a number of technologies to help sustain the F-15 fleet

Enabling hypersonic travel

UDRI will develop a subscale hypersonic flight-test vehicle.

A hot topic

Advancing power, energy and thermal management for aircraft

New lab will have wings

Researchers from the Air Force and UDRI will advance technology in a C130 at UDRI headquarters.

Getting a head start on STEM careers

Sponsored research provides invaluable training.

New award to support advanced structures for aerospace

$44 million award to University of Dayton Research Institute to support research in advanced structures technologies for Air Force

We’re number 1!

The University of Dayton performs more sponsored materials research than any other college in the country.

Southern Expansion

Our new technology and training center in Georgia is ramping up advanced technologies for Air Force systems sustainment.

Risk in the Sky?

University of Dayton Research Institute impact tests prove large aircraft won’t always win in collision with small drones.

75 tons—plus gravity!

Landing gear on fully loaded aircraft endure a lot of force. UDRI is working to keep them strong on the job.

Ready, Set—Grow!

University of Dayton Research Institute reorganizes in preparation for continued growth in research scope and jobs.

UDRI awarded $72 million-ceiling Air Force contract for Quick-Reaction Evaluation program

UDRI will continue to support AFRL in reducing costs, creating a safer working environment, and increasing Air Force systems availability.

Wind turbine donation to power up alternative energy research and education

A donation of a new wind turbine will boost alternative-energy research and educational opportunities at UDRI’s Energy Experience Center. 

Better coatings, better fuel efficiency

UDRI has been awarded $1.5 million for coatings research designed to improve aircraft engine efficiency.

Battling addiction with brainpower

In the face of a national opioid addiction crisis, UDRI researchers work to find solutions that can help and heal those most in need.

Extending sight in the sky

UDRI awarded $15 million to support development of Air Force air-launched unmanned sensing systems; research will focus on developing small UAVs that can be launched from larger host aircraft in flight.


UDRI Structures researchers will design hypersonic vehicles, perform experiments, and conduct analysis to verify performance of aerospace structures that can survive extreme environmental stresses.

Better materials, better processes, better repairs

UDRI researchers will continue critical work on campus and at WPAFB in adhesives, sealants, elastomers, textiles, composites, and other materials that they’ve performed for the Air Force for nearly 40 years.

Supporting Mars 2020—and beyond

A highly successful test of a prototype power generator at the University of Dayton Research Institute bodes well for NASA’s plans to expand its exploration of Mars with the next rover mission.

Supporting the new C-5 inlet

A recent research program to develop and demonstrate a new aircraft part demonstrated something else as well—the diversity of research talent, labs and equipment that makes UDRI a one-stop shop for customers.

Keep on truckin' with natural gas

An Ohio-based initiative to develop affordable, safer and recyclable compressed-gas fuel tanks for the trucking and automotive industry, led by the University of Dayton Research Institute, is underway with the kick-off of its first collaborative project.

Leland selected for second term

Ohio Gov. John Kasich reappointed John Leland, University of Dayton vice president for research, to the Ohio Aerospace and Aviation Technology Committee for a two-year term.

Making additive accessible

UDRI will use Ohio funding to help make additive manufacturing more accessible to area businesses.

FASTLANE funding renewed

Area manufacturers will benefit from services provided by UDRI's FastLane, the Manufacturing Extension Partnership in West-Central Ohio.

Mohawk Guy visits UDRI

NASA's Bobak Ferdowsi visited UDRI's MMRTG lab to learn about our R&D in power for space travel.

We're celebrating!

During its 60th anniversary year, UDRI has broken records and surpassed milestones for annual and cumulative research and employee population.

Additive manufacturing for low-cost sustainment

UDRI, YSU and partners will work to help Air Force adopt additive manufacturing for low-cost sustainment.

Improving prediction tools

Equipping engineers with better analytical tools will make for better aerospace systems.

Help for victims of crime

A new mobile app technology developed by UDRI in partnership with Family Services will quickly put resources in victims' hands. 

Helping the Air Force save energy

UDRI is demonstrating energy-saving technologies at the Air Force's new Forward Operating Base of the Future.

Crafting cleaner, more robust fuels

A $70 million award from the Air Force will expand research into advanced fuels and combustion technologies.


Room for bigger structures, small and large testing under one room. Smart!

Expanding research in composites

The University of Dayton Research Institute will expand its work in advanced composites under a new award from the Air Force Research Laboratory Materials and Manufacturing Directorate.

Leading the way in materials

UDRI will lead a new Materials and Manufacturing Center of Excellence

Allan Crasto named director, UDRI

Associate Director Allan Crasto will take the helm Jan. 1.

Improving sustainment, enterprise-wide

UDRI will use new funding from the AFLCMC to help the Air Force implement cost-saving technologies for fleet sustainment.

New research office

UDRI's ever-growing research in sensors has spawned the creation of a new office for specialized sensors research.

Boosting metal additive manufacturing in Ohio

UDRI's FASTLANE MEP and partners will use a grant from Ohio to help manufacturers adopt metal additive manufacturing.

Toward cleaner burning, better performing engines

UDRI has been awarded a $21.6 million-ceiling AF contract for research in combustion and components.

University names VP for Research

John Leland, UDRI Director and Associate VP for Research, has been named UD's VP for Research

Helping Ohio's manufacturers

UDRI will use a $1.5 million award from the Ohio Development Services Agency, through its Manufacturing Extension Partnership, to help aerospace manufacturers become more competitive.

Helping the world find answers

UDRI's "black box" research helped investigators in their search for answers about the fate of Germanwings Flight 9525.

Natural gas for trucks and cars

UDRI will lead an Ohio initiative to develop composite natural gas fuel tanks.

A better pallet

UDRI has been commissioned to design a fully recyclable cargo pallet for the DOD.

Leland named to aerospace panel

UDRI Director John Leland will serve on a new Ohio panel to boost the aerospace industry in the state.

Award to benefit UDRI

A $10 million award to AFRL for additive manufacturing will benefit the Research Institute.

Successful test of Orion supported by UDRI

Before Orion's test launch, researchers tested thermal protection systems and materials.

High-tech help for victims

Family Services of Dayton and UDRI are partnering to develop a mobile app for victims of crime.

The art of life prediction

New contract to help Air Force extend the life of aerospace components and materials.

Making lighter cars safer

UDRI and the ACC are working to fill the research gap that will enable tomorrow's lighter, safer cars.

Below the surface

Researchers will use nondestructive evaluation technologies to help the Air Force better predict materials behavior.

A new thrust

UDRI was awarded a $100 million-ceiling Air Force contract for R&D in propulsion technologies.

New radar lab to step up sensing

UD's new radar lab will improve sensing for manufacturing, medicine, aviation and more.

Environmental superhero

UDRI's program to use algae for alternative fuels and carbon capture has moved outdoors.

Award winning innovation

UDRI's Bob Kauffman helped the Research Institute win an Innovation Index award. 

Honorary Commander

UDRI Director John Leland will serve as an Honorary Commander for the 88th Air Base Wing.

Fighting bacteria, helping the environment

Patents have been awarded for technologies to help fight bacterial resistance and for environmentally friendlier coatings.

Our research is out of this world

UDRI scientists will test power systems for Mars rover and future space missions.

Boosting power

UDRI's newest endowed researcher will boost R&D efforts in advanced power systems.

Advancing alternative fuels

UDRI is part of a team that will lead the FAA's new Center of Excellence in alternative fuels and environment.

Teamwork saves life

When a researcher suffered sudden cardiac arrest on the job, the quick actions of colleagues saved his life.

Standing by findings

Researcher Bob Kauffman stands by original findings in TWA800 investigation.

Stepping up awareness

Sensors researchers will use a $3 million award to advance technologies for security agencies and first responders.

Life in the FASTLANE

UDRI receives award to provide business and technical assistance to small businesses.

Another additive manufacturing win

UDRI will benefit from the first round of NAMII awards.

Quick response evaluation

UDRI has been awarded a $45 million-ceiling contract to continue its work in quick evaluation of materials and processes.

Putting new technologies to work

UDRI and Concurrent Technologies Corporation will help transition energy and environmental technologies to practical use through a new joint venture.

Alternative fuels ready for engine test

New seed oil-based fuel ready to move from lab to engine testing.

Fixing a sticky situation

Proteins, not human error, are causing unwanted seizing of surgical hardware, according to a new study.

Hot technology

UDRI has been awarded an Air Force contract for advanced thermal and power technologies.

When ingenuity meets Curiosity

UDRI researcher Chad Barklay helped develop the technology that will power the Curiosity rover on Mars.

Printing aerospace parts

UDRI wins $3 million award for new program in print manufacturing.

Award winning technology

R&D Magazine has named SMART sensors one of the top 100 most technologically significant products.


UDRI researcher works to make materials more resistant to fire.

Future flight

$44.3 million contract will support research in safely extending structural life and designing new structures for current and future air and space vehicles.


UDRI wins prime spot on newest Air Force Design Engineering Support Program.

A different kind of bird

UDRI will help deliver an innovative new helicopter design developed for the U.S. Army.

Scientists take top prize

Alternative fuels researchers from AFRL and UDRI awarded Air Force Association's top prize in science.

Keeping them flying

A $23 million Air Force contract will support R&D in nonmetallic materials for continued safety and performance of air and ground vehicles.

Aerial farm aid

UAVs may soon be flying over America's heartland to help farmers better manage their crops.

Surface protection

Research under a $24.5 million Air Force contract will help protect aircraft from the elements.

SMART technology licensed

A Dayton company has licensed new RFID technology invented at UDRI. 

I can see clearly now

Breakthrough in image compression technology enables high-speed transmission of large, quality images.

Rapid reusability

A $48.6 million Air Force award will support R&D in hypersonic flight and rapidly reusable aerospace vehicles.

SMART sensors may help prevent injury

A new sensor developed at UDRI can automatically report conditions to materials and products that might prove hazardous.

Another save by 'crushable concrete'

UDRI researchers helped develop a runway arresting system that has prevented serious injury and likely saved lives.

We're number one!

UDRI performs more federally funded materials research than any other college in the nation.

$44.5 million for advanced materials

A six-year AFRL contract will support research, development and technical transition of advanced composite, hybrid and thermally engineered materials.

A 'monster garage' for UAV research

UDRI's Center for UAV Exploitation is up and running.

Battling blindness

A “smart” nanomaterial developed for multi-purpose use in large-scale commercial applications may also lead to a significant breakthrough in glaucoma treatment.

Fuzzy Fiber

A game-changing new nanomaterial will enable composites that multitask.

History in the Making

UDRI scientists played a role in making aviation history March 25, 2010.

Blowin' in the Wind

UDRI’s significant experience in aerospace and materials research made an expansion into wind energy a breeze.

Advanced Jet Fuels

UDRI has been awarded a $49.5 million Air Force research grant to develop advanced jet fuels and combustion technologies. The grant is UDRI’s largest award to date.

Battery Breakthrough!

First solid-state lithium-air rechargeable battery addresses safety issues, paves way for use in auto, aerospace applications.

Jet Fuel From Coal

UDRI hires first endowed researcher to ramp up research into environmentally better jet fuel from coal.

Amazing Algae

Microorganisms will play critical role in reducing carbon footprint, helping meet U.S. transportation needs

R&D 100

UDRI researcher earns second R&D 100 award for self-healing wire.

Record Revenue

Research at UDRI helped propel university to record year in sponsored research.

Self-Healing Wire

The UDRI researcher who identified a plausible cause of the explosion that downed TWA flight 800 in 1996 has developed a self-healing wire designed to prevent that kind of explosion from recurring.

Developing Super Coatings

With a $5 million Third Frontier award, researchers will develop coatings to create a new generation of lightweight nanomaterials that will perform well in extreme environments.

Perfecting Jet Fuel from Coal

A $10-million seed grant funds the country’s first federal research facility designed to create jet fuel from coal and biomass. The program is aimed at creating a viable, home-grown alternative to increasingly expensive foreign petroleum-based fuel. The award will also fund research into coal- and biomass-derived fuel technologies for greater fuel efficiency and reduced environmental impact.

Oyster Talent

It’s a gem of an idea. Based on the premise that an irritant introduced into an oyster will produce a pearl, scientists at the University of Dayton Research Institute are prompting oysters to produce pearl-like coatings on metal for applications to range from aircraft corrosion protection to biocompatible medical devices.

Fixing What Ails Us

UD researchers are working to make broken bones heal faster and stronger using carbon-based repair parts — bone fixation plates that disappear over time, scaffolding for new bone cells to grow on — instead of the metal now used. For patients, this could equal fewer surgeries, less pain and better healing.

Preferred by Boeing

The strength of the University of Dayton’s engineering research has earned it a spot on the Boeing Co.’s list of preferred universities. Boeing will support UD’s research and work with the University in areas where the two have a common interest such as aviation.

When Warthogs Fly

The US Air Force has tapped UDRI to help in its efforts to install new wings on their A-10 (Warthog) aircraft. The work includes performing load tests on an actual full-size wing.

Fueling Expansion

A new fuels and combustion lab is opened at UDRI, designed to facilitate existing and new areas of fuels research.

The Gun That Saves Lives

“Reach for it!” In the second it takes to say those words, the fastest gun in the Midwest – and the world, for that matter – could propel a small aluminum sphere more than five and one-half miles. Make that the fastest light-gas gun in the world.

UDRI Technologies to Enable Quick Reuse of Space Vehicles

UDRI is working on development programs that will facilitate rapid inspection and repair of thermal protection systems designed for shuttle-like spacecraft.


Researchers’ findings will help revolutionize aircraft engine design, reduce costs and increase capabilities.

UDRI Receives Third Frontier Funding for Fuel Cell Demonstration Project

A portable fuel cell’s real-world operating characteristics will be demonstrated when Daybreak of Dayton, an emergency shelter for youth, receives laptops powered by the new fuel cell, to be used by staff "first responders."

New Center for Multifunctional Polymer Nanocomposites and Devices

World's first demo facility for polymer nanocomposites lets manufacturers 'try out,' transition nanotechnology into product lines.

Nobel, Curie, Goodyear and Strnat

A former UD researcher has joined the ranks of 'greatest materials' scientists, according to a new compilation of the 100 "Greatest Moments in Materials Science and Engineering."

Protection Systems Are Focus of New Army Contract

From improved armored vehicles and shelters to better body armor, the goal of a new five-year, $15 million Army contract is to save lives. The program will use nanotechnology to address an immediate need for strong but lightweight armor for existing military vehicles.

Advanced Sensors

The University of Dayton and partners have won a $28 million Ohio Third Frontier grant to develop and commercialize sensor technology.

UDRI Marks 50 Years of "Imagination, Investigation, Innovation"

On Sept. 1, 1956, the University of Dayton Research Institute was born and, after 50 years, has emerged as a globally recognized leader in research and development of technologies that have advanced science and benefited mankind.

Nanotechnology for Low-Cost Tooling

UDRI researchers were awarded $2.1 million in Ohio Third Frontier funds to be used for nanotechnology research aimed at helping Ohio regain its footing as a leader in the tooling industry.

Developing Better, Safer Batteries

Two Dayton researchers have been awarded a patent for advanced battery technology that will aid the U.S. in its effort to wean from dependence on foreign oil.

UDRI Developing Drinking Water Protection System

UDRI has been awarded a contract from the U.S. Army’s Edgewood Chemical and Biological Center to safeguard Americans’ drinking water from a bioterrorist attack – at home and overseas.

AFRL Tests Transparent Armor

UDRI researcher Ron Hoffman is involved in testing a new type of transparent armor that is lighter, stronger and more viable than any similar material currently available.

UDRI Wins Grant for Clean-Coal Research

The Ohio Air Quality Development Authority awarded UDRI $160,000 to determine how, when and why the mercury in coal changes form when coal is burned. Understanding this is critical to allowing coal-burning utilities to develop pollution control systems that will effectively capture mercury released from coal before it is emitted into the air, water and eventually our food chain.

UDRI Works to Speedily Spot Aircraft Problems, Reduce Delays

Automated structural health monitoring will quickly identify aircraft problems so planes can get off the ground faster and mechanics can move on to additional tasks.

Ohio Third Frontier funds awarded for polymer nanotechnology research

UDRI and partners have been awarded $22.5 million to establish a Wright Center of Innovation, becoming the "crown jewel" in the university's multi-tiered effort to help bring an emerging technology to market and boost Ohio's economy.

UDRI conducts FAA testing for airplane with propellers on both ends

In tests performed by UDRI and observed by the FAA, Hartzell Propeller Inc.'s airfoil propeller on the Adam Aircraft's A500 survived as 3.25-inch diameter ice balls pummeled it at speeds of up to 520 miles per hour using a compressed-gas gun. The testing simulated ice impacting the propeller while the aircraft is in flight.

UDRI Emerging as 'Cinderella' of Advanced Materials

According to the National Science Foundation, UDRI has for the first time taken the number two spot in materials research and development among all universities and colleges in the United States, including premier research institutions such as MIT and Georgia Tech, moving ahead of Ohio State University to take the top seat in materials in the state.

New Technology to Find Defects in Aging Aircraft Engines

The first model of the federally funded Turbine Engine Sustainment Initiative system is ready to take flight. The system has the potential to save taxpayer dollars and create high-tech jobs.

Groundbreaking Work in Jet Engine Containment

Robert Brockman's innovative work in testing high-strength fabrics for jet engine containment have earned him UDRI's 2003-2004 Wohlleben-Hochwalt Outstanding Professional Research Award.

"Jump Jet" Engine Fix Designed at UDRI

A lightweight "simple fix" for a problematic jet engine ring has proven successful and will be applied to the entire Harrier fleet, saving the Navy dollars and man hours.

$1 Billion and Growing

UDRI has topped the $1 billion mark in sponsored research and is on its way to breaking last year's record of $53 million.

New Aging Aircraft Center

UDRI has teamed with the Texas Engineering Experiment Station and Georgia Tech Research Institute to establish an Academic Center for Aging Aircraft with $4.2 million funding from the Department of Defense.

Stopping Runaway Planes

When a cargo plane this summer overran the runway at JFK International Airport, it came safely to a stop in a bed of crushable material. UDRI researchers are making sure this material continues to do its job.

Safer Cooking

Frying with canola oil releases more toxic fumes into the air than frying with olive oil, according to a new study conducted at UDRI. And frying at temperatures higher than the recommended 350 F releases higher levels of toxins.

Off to the Races

UDRI is the sole sulky certifier for US Trotting Association harness racing.

Air Force Awards UDRI $31.5 Million Contract

A five-year contract from Wright-Patterson AFB will be used to develop better, cheaper fuel.

Air Force Research Earns UDRI’s Top Honor

Both of this year's winners were investigating foreign-object damage and its consequences on the fatigue life of aircraft engine fan and compression blades.

UDRI Wins Funding Boost for Aging Aircraft Inspection

UDRI has received $1.75 million in new funding to start the technology transfer process for the Turbine Engine Sustainment Initiative.

It's Not a Fish Tank

Research engineers have built a prototype ultrasonic inspection machine that looks for defects in turbine engine disks in the military's aging aircraft fleet.

UDRI and YSI, Inc. Collaborate in Chemical Sensor Development

Record-Breaking Technology Developed at the University of Dayton Will Have Significant Impact for Scientists, Consumers, Environment

UDRI researchers have developed powerful new nanocomposite magnets that could fuel advances in everything from aircraft to laptop computers.

Better, Cheaper Fuel

The von Ohain Fuels and Combustion Center is established to develop fuels that will make jet engines cleaner, safer and more efficient.

As U.S. Prepares For Possible War With Iraq, Army Moves Toward Adopting UDRI Technology

The U.S. Army plans to use a technology developed by UDRI in a new refrigerator designed to store blood and move it through battlefields.

Web Sites Still Not Compliant With Accessibility Law

A UDRI human factors expert can help customers meet federal accessibility standards for their websites. "Designing products for a wide audience - including disabled users - is critical," both legally and morally.

UDRI Researchers Make a Key Finding in FAA Study of 1996 Explosion of TWA Flight 800

There may be a link between fuel deposits containing silver and airplane fuel tank explosions.

Would You Like Fries With Your Technology?

A technology developed at the University of Dayton has been shown to cut a fast food restaurant's shortening consumption by as much as 84 percent. 

No Enigma

A UDRI chemist and his student son have developed "unbreakable" cryptography, for which UDRI has applied for a patent and is investigating licensing.

UD Researchers Cross Discipline Lines to Collaborate on Fuel Cell Research

Three University of Dayton researchers with diverse backgrounds, work experiences and educational interests are pooling their talents to tackle big problems. Together, they are working to reduce pollution, improve transportation and bolster international relations.

Ice-Free Refrigeration

A Dayton company is using technology developed by UDRI to fight against bioterrorism.

Bumper Improvements Tested

A live test of the "Humpy Bumper" continues UDRI's contributions to improved stock car racing safety.

Saving the Lives of Drivers

UDRI engineers are conducting crash simulation studies of a new lightweight composite car bumper intended for NASCAR use.

Developing Novel Polymeric Materials

With a new multi-million dollar contract, UDRI continues a long working relationship with the Air Force Research Laboratory in the area of polymer research.

Testing Data Recorder Improvements

UDRI's Impact Physics group studies how well an aircraft "black box" and its memory unit can survive a crash.

Support for Materials Research

UDRI receives two large, multi-year contracts from the Air Force for research on composite, adhesive, elastomer, and sealant materials.

Keep Aging Fleets Flying

UDRI has won three multi-million dollar "task order" contracts in the last six months and hired 50 people.

E-Beam Research Lab Established

UDRI recently established the world’s first university-operated research facility for studying a new process to manufacture polymer composite materials. The Laboratory for Research on Electron Beam Curing of Composites provides a unique environment for investigating fundamental issues in using electron beam irradiation to initiate thermoset polymerization reactions at room temperature.

Wearable Computers

The human factors group is evaluating a new lightweight glasses-mounted display under an SBIR contract.

Supporting the Air Force

UDRI will open a satellite office in Ogden, Utah to carry out projects in a new five-year, $450 million program to increase defense readiness and reduce the operations and maintenance costs of Air Force systems.

Quality Systems

On December 14, 1999, three UDRI operating groups were recommended for registration to ISO 9001.

Advanced Battery Technology

UDRI researchers are developing the next generation of lithium batteries, with improved safety and cost performance.

Making Aviation Safer

One of the major national partnerships in which UDRI participates is the Federal Aviation Administration's (FAA) Airworthiness Assurance Center of Excellence (AACE).

Exploring Human Capabilities and Limits

The UDRI Human Factors Group (HFG) is an ongoing partnership of experienced engineers and psychologists.

New Center for Materials Diagnostics

The Center is poised to become the world’s leading materials characterization laboratory focused on the assessment and prevention of mechanical and environmental degradation in advanced materials.

Dayton Contributes to the History of Magnetic Materials

UDRI Researcher Honored

Steven S. Zabarnick helped to develop a low-cost additive package for military fuel.


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