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UDRI Receives Third Frontier Funding for Fuel Cell Demonstration Project

UDRI Receives Third Frontier Award; Fuel Cell Test Will Benefit Local Nonprofit Organization

UDRI was awarded $499,966 in Ohio Third Frontier funds for an Accelerated Testing Demonstration for Market Energy project, designed to validate the real-world reliability and application compatibility of a new portable fuel cell system developed by the UltraCell Corporation. Rather than test the technology in an industrial setting, researchers opted to demonstrate the fuel cell’s real-world operating characteristics in a way that would benefit a local nonprofit organization. Daybreak of Dayton, an emergency shelter for youth, will receive laptops powered by the new fuel cell. The laptops will be used by staff, primarily by Daybreak’s “first responders.” Other collaborators in the program are Motorola Labs Energy Technologies Group, Mound Technical Solutions and the Montgomery County Department of Sanitary Engineering.

UDRI is also collaborating on three other programs that received Third Frontier funding today. They include an award to UltraCell of Ohio (Dayton) for $999,125 for its Fuel Cell Systems for Extended Run Times project, an award to Mound Technical Solutions Inc. (Miamisburg) for $494,040 for its Enhancement of Comprehensive Fuel Cell Test System Products project, and an award to Contained Energy Inc. (Shaker Heights) for $1 million for its Development of Direct Carbon Fuel Cell Systems with Breakthrough Energy Density for Mobile Defense and Security Applications project.

March 29, 2007


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