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Advanced Manufacturing Research


Leaders in Advanced Manufacturing Technologies

Manufacturing methods grow and change at a rapid pace. From Additive Manufacturing to Smart Factory concepts and much more, UDRI has the experience, personnel, and skill to help you integrate the latest technologies and practices to move your organization into an increasingly competitive future.

Additive Manufacturing
UDRI's comprehensive additive manufacturing research helps manufacturers decrease costs, reduce waste, and remain competitive in an increasingly global marketplace.
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Laser Manufacturing Technology Development
UDRI's laser manufacturing research helps customers and original equipment manufacturers develop solutions to current challenges and improve the capabilities of the industry.
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Manufacturing Assistance and Technology Integration
UDRI offers manufacturers vital services to accelerate success, advance innovation, and drive growth.
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Robotics and Automation
UDRI offers expert experience in automated inspection systems development and application of robotics to automated systems.
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Smart Factory - Industry 4.0
UDRI's research in autonomous systems helps to increase productivity, flexibility, and reliability in manufacturing.
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