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Expanding research in composites

UDRI receives Air Force Research Laboratory award for advanced polymer matrix composite technologies

The University of Dayton Research Institute will expand its work in advanced composites under a new award from the Air Force Research Laboratory Materials and Manufacturing Directorate. UDRI received an initial $1.65-million work order under the award, which has a $17.5 million ceiling. The work will be performed in the Research Institute’s Multi-Scale Composites and Polymers division, with distinguished research engineer Gyaneshwar Tandon serving as principal investigator.

Under the Structural Composites Advanced Materials and Processes (SCAMP) program, UDRI researchers will design new or improve existing composite technologies, including materials and processes, to shorten the development time, reduce acquisition and sustainment costs, and provide better materials for Air Force systems.

The first work order will focus on the development of new organic matrix composites and hybrid composites, the development of new computational tools to facilitate improved virtual modeling and design, and the development of new and improved processing methods, including new additive manufacturing and other rapid-manufacturing technologies.

April 7, 2016


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