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Center for Business Student Engagement

More Than 25 Ways to Get Involved as a Business Student

The University of Dayton's School of Business Administration has a variety of student-run clubs and organizations that provide students with opportunities to apply concepts learned in the classroom into real-world, hands-on activities.  By getting involved in these extra-curricular activities, students gain leadership experience, enhance their professional skills, and have opportunities to meet business professionals both in formal and informal settings.  Our organizations also serve to enhance students' understanding of Marianist values and ethics as they relate to their business and professional lives and many of our extracurricular organizations regularly include service activities as part of club membership.

  • #1

    largest student-managed investment fund in the country

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    Largest Student-Run Business in the Country with $2.1 Million in Revenue

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    local and international non-profit clients served by student consultants

Student Organizations
Accounting Club

The Accounting Club provides members with opportunities for leadership experience, networking, career advice, field trips, and service.

Alpha Kappa Psi

Alpha Kappa Psi is a professional co-ed business fraternity with the purpose of developing its members into principled business leaders through a focus on brotherhood, knowledge, unity, integrity, and service. Open to all majors at UD.

Beta Alpha Psi

As a national accounting fraternity, Beta Alpha Psi actively promotes and recognizes scholastic and professional excellence in accounting. Members have opportunities for self-development and association among members and practicing accountants. 3.25 GPA requirement.

Beta Gamma Sigma

An international business school honor society for AACSB-accredited schools.

Davis Center for Portfolio Management

In the Davis Center for Portfolio Management, 80 students from across the University gain real-world portfolio management experience and develop essential leadership skills. The Flyer Investments Fund, combined with a separate portfolio managed on
behalf of The Dayton Foundation, makes the University of Dayton’s student-run fund the largest in the country. Open to all majors at UD.

Delta Sigma Pi

As the nation’s largest and first co-ed professional business fraternity, Delta Sigma Pi trains members in professional skills, leadership, ethics, and service.

ENT Club

The goal of ENT Club is to not only have members feel confident in starting their own businesses but to embody the entrepreneurial mindset. Sponsored by the Crotty Center, this student-run club provides insight and exposure to the role of entrepreneurship in our economy.

Econ Games

Develop skills beyond the classroom by developing technical and soft skills needed for economic & business analysis careers. Econ Games is an annual data analytics and research competition designed to help undergraduate students solve real-world problems. Within teams, students analyze real-life data for a local company and provide a solution to the company's question.

Epsilon Nu Tau

The Alpha Chapter of Epsilon Nu Tau is a diverse group of students at the University of Dayton who are united by a common entrepreneurial approach in all aspects of life. By creating opportunities to enhance personal strengths, members embrace entrepreneurship to challenge business and societal norms and set themselves apart as leaders in the community.

Financial Professionals Society

Based upon the principles of education, involvement, development, and mentorship, the main goal of this organization is to help students grow their professionalism and prepare as many students as possible for success.

Flyer Angels

Flyer Angels is a seven-figure private equity fund that invests in high-tech startups. It is one of only a handful of programs nationwide that allows undergraduate students to make angel investments.

Flyer Consulting

Flyer Consulting is a student-run organization that provides complimentary business consulting to nonprofit organizations while promoting economic growth locally and around the world through business development, entrepreneurial mentorship, and loan pipeline management. Open to all majors at UD.

Flyer Enterprises

With over 200 student employees and $2.1 million in annual revenues, Flyer Enterprises is one of the nation’s largest student-run businesses. Starting in 1990 with Rudy’s Fly-Buy, the organization has grown to operate 12 divisions. Open to all majors at UD.

Flyers for Financial Literacy

A service-learning club to assist others at UD and in the greater Dayton community with personal financial processes, decisions, and education.

Global Platinum Securities

An intercollegiate investment fund, which includes 7 other schools (MIT, Harvard University, University of Pennsylvania, Georgetown University, New York University, The University of Colorado, and the London School of Economics), that seeks to educate the next generation of investors by immersing them in the field of active investment management.

Hanley Sustainability Fund

The Hanley Sustainability Fund (HSF) is a student-managed equity portfolio that operates out of the Hanley Center for ESG Investing. HSF’s goal is to outperform the S&P 500 while investing in companies that embrace sustainable initiatives such as reducing greenhouse gas emissions, reducing waste and scrap, or limiting reliance on fossil fuels. Open to all majors at UD.

UD Investment Banking Academy

The University of Dayton’s Investment Banking Academy is a competitive, undergraduate organization dedicated to the development and advancement of its members toward a career in investment banking, private equity, and other related fields.

Marketing Club

The Marketing Club seeks to challenge marketing majors and minors to be more creative and innovative young professionals by informing them of new trends and equipping them with the skills they need to succeed in the world of Marketing.

MIS Club

The purpose of the MIS Club is to establish opportunities for students in the MIS major to attend both professional and social events. The club hosts professional events each year in which students can learn more about careers with companies interested in recruiting students from technology majors.

Multi-Ethnic Business Leaders Program

The goal of the Multi-Ethnic Business Leaders Program is to provide mentorship and guidance to multi-ethnic business students who are looking to maximize their potential and experiences while at UD.

OPS Student Association

OPSSA seeks to develop and broaden the body of knowledge in operations and supply chain management. OPSSA provides its members with the opportunity to meet and consult with other students and professionals with whom they can network and exchange ideas.

Phi Chi Theta

One of the largest professional business fraternities in the nation, this co-ed fraternity promotes the 3 core values of professionalism, fraternity, and service.  Open to all students in good academic standing with business majors or minors and students with other professionally oriented majors.

Pi Sigma Epsilon

Pi Sigma Epsilon is the only national co-ed professional fraternity in the field of sales, marketing, and management. The Eta Delta chapter of Pi Sigma Epsilon focuses on high-tech, business-to-business, consultative selling, and our members have seen great success.

Project Management Club of UD

The Project Management Club is established for the purpose of developing active undergraduate and graduate students with the tools, guidance, and opportunities to grow their skills and knowledge in the area of professional project management. Open to all majors at UD.

SBA Sisters

Open to all women in the School of Business Administration, SBA Sisters provides professional development, social, and educational activities for its members.

Women in Business

The University of Dayton’s Women in Business Organization is dedicated to empowering women through the implementation of innovative programs and services that promote professional development.

Women Founders
Women Founders at the University of Dayton is a chapter of Women Founders, a
youth-powered nonprofit organization on a mission to close the gender gap that exists in the realm of entrepreneurship and innovation. We operate through a four-pronged model of creating a strong network of student entrepreneurs at the University of Dayton and cultivating entrepreneurship through a speaker series featuring local women entrepreneurs, a leadership development program for our members to refine their skills, and a mentor match program through which our members will be connected with an entrepreneur for 1:1 mentorship and coaching.


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