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George Hanley Trading Center

Hanley Trading Center

Trading is no longer relegated to the trading pits in Chicago, New York or other cities around the world. Trading is now taking place in a manner that is mathematical and technology driven on a global scale.

To prepare students for this reality, the Hanley Trading Center allows students to expand their knowledge related to capital markets and trading.

There's no room quite like the Hanley Trading Center at UD — or at most other colleges. Each student station has at least one set of dual monitors — powered by TradeStation, Deal Station, FXCM Trading Station and Financial Trading System. Similar to the design of trading houses, one wall of the trading center consists wholly of glass. This prepares students to stay focused, no matter what's going on outside.

Within the center, students manage the Hanley Sustainability Fund, an equity portfolio that seeks to outperform the S&P 500 Index. The fund invests in companies that embrace an environmentally conscious and fossil fuel reduction business model.

Additional Information

The Trading Center was made possible by a $520,000 gift from George Hanley '77, CEO of Hanley Group Capital and a Founder/Principle of Infinium Capital Management.

When Hanley was a young child going with his father to the trading floor, the excitement and energy taking place on the floor was captivating and led him to choose this career path.

"The trading business is one of the fastest growing industries in the country, shifting from a business centered on people shouting on trade floors to the use of software and high-speed lines. Students need to be strong in math and computer modeling," Hanley said. "It's about a 'molding' of programming expertise, engineering and market 'know-how.' The risks are great, but then, the rewards can be, as well."

In addition to tapping into growing markets, Hanley wants to grow students' futures.

"I believe you must utilize all of your resources in life to achieve great success," said Hanley, "and that is what the Hanley Trading Center offers — a resource that can start students on their path to success."


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