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Hanley Center for ESG Investing

Embracing Sustainability & Investments

On a global scale, investing is now being carried out in a mathematically and technologically driven manner. To equip students with the necessary skills, the Hanley Center for ESG Investing provides them with opportunities to enhance their knowledge of capital markets, machine-learning models, and investment practices.

Hanley Sustainability Fund

Within the Hanley Center for ESG Investing, students manage the Hanley Sustainability Fund (HSF). The Hanley Sustainability Fund aims to outperform the S&P 500 index by investing in companies that are committed to Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles. By investing in companies that prioritize sustainability, ethical practices, and good governance, the fund seeks to achieve both financial returns and positive social and environmental outcomes. HSF operates under two teams: the discretionary team and the non-discretionary team. HSF provides a real-world learning experience to more than 40 members that are inclusive to all undergraduate majors at the University of Dayton. The Fund meets and conducts research in the Hanley Center for ESG Investing. 

  • Only

    Completely student-run equity portfolio in the nation that is a CDP Signatory

  • 100%

    of graduating seniors have jobs prior to graduation. 85% of juniors have internships.

  • #1

    Student-run sustainable team in the nation which uses machine-learning models to analyze stocks.

Competitive and Supportive Atmosphere

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Being a Member to Being a Family

The Hanley Family is formed by a group of motivated students who express curiosity and passion for sustainable investing. There are 34 members, spanning 7 different majors, coming from 6 different states, and a multitude of unique insights through members’ internship experiences. Upon completion of an eight-week Junior Analyst development program, members contribute directly to the success of the Fund. The Fund is set up to encourage members to lead and be creative. As early as a second-semester sophomore, members are allowed to apply to leadership positions within the Fund. Upperclassmen and underclassmen work together to learn from each other and form a unique bond that lasts beyond graduation.

Meet our Students

The Hanley Network

HSF provides endless opportunities for outstanding internship and full-time placements with guidance from the Fund's prestigious alumni network. By integrating academic theory with real-world investment skills, HSF strives to create an experiential learning environment that fosters both personal and professional development, which produces well-rounded individuals for today's competitive markets as shown in our Alumni & Current Analysts’ Placements.

Student Teams

Founder and History

The Hanley Center for ESG Investing was made possible by a generous $520,000 gift from George Hanley ‘77, CEO of Hanley Group Capital and a Founder of Infinium Capital Management. Hanley stated, “It’s about a ‘molding’ of programming expertise, engineering, and market ‘know-how.’ The risks are great, but then, the rewards can be, as well.” "I believe you must utilize all of your resources in life to achieve great success," said Hanley, "and that is what the Hanley Center for ESG Investing offers — a resource that can start students on their path to success." HSF made our first investments in late February 2016. Since then, the fund has continued to evolve internally while keeping with our original mission of sustainable investing with returns above the benchmark.

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Application Process

An open membership application period for sophomores and juniors is held each September; applications for first-year Junior Analysts are accepted annually in February. In both instances, applicants from all majors are welcome and no previous financial knowledge is required. All students receive application information and deadlines through HSF’s Instagram, LinkedIn, and via email from the business school administration.

Interview Process and Events

After applications open, the Hanley Sustainability fund hosts classroom talks, informational events, and a meet the fund event that allows applicants to learn more about the fund, its members, and its mission. Applications are screened and applicants may be selected for a first-round interview which consists mostly of behavioral questions. If selected to advance, applicants complete a second-round interview consisting of a case study followed by behavioral and technical questions. Upon completion of the second round, the Fund selects the next class of Junior Analysts who prove their work ethic, determination, and passion for our work.


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Hanley Sustainability Fund

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