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George Hanley Trading Center

Hanley Trading Center

A message from George Hanley

Welcome to the Hanley Trading Center at the University of Dayton. The goal of the Center is to prepare young professionals for entry into the capital trading industry. When I was a young child going with my father to the trading floor, the excitement and energy taking place on the floor was captivating and led me to choose this career path. These days trading is no longer relegated to the trading pits in Chicago, New York or other cities around the world. Trading is now taking place in a manner that is mathematical and technology driven on a global scale. This experiential center will provide you the opportunity to expand your knowledge related to capital markets and trading. I believe you must utilize all of your resources in life to achieve great success, and that is what the Hanley Trading Center is for the students of the University of Dayton - a resource that can start you on your path.


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