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Centers of Excellence

Centers of Excellence

Our centers play a distinctive role in the learning experience of our undergraduate and graduate students, creating lessons of practical wisdom.

Experiential Learning

Our six academic centers extend our focus of experiential learning from the classroom into a wide variety of co-curricular activities.

Students in our academic centers:

  • actively manage the Flyer Investment Fund, a portfolio of equities with a value exceeding $67.8 million;
  • practice in a professional selling laboratory and perfect their pitches to buyers as practice for part of a class or preparation for a competition;
  • brainstorm with business professionals on how to bring Catholic and Marianist values into decision-making;
  • consult for a local for-profit or non-profit with a business opportunity or problem;
  • participate in Flyer Angels, SBA’s angel investor group, researching, performing due diligence and making investment recommendations on funding a start-up; and
  • take advantage of interesting opportunities to learn and develop skills and knowledge through practical experience.

Business Outreach

Our business research center acts as a major outreach of the School of Business Administration to the local private and public sectors. This fee-based service to the community has received much public recognition in a variety of media.