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Fiore Talarico Center for Professional Selling

Success in Selling

The Fiore Talarico Center for Professional Selling is a state-of-the-art experiential learning center that allows students real-world experience making high-stakes sales calls, coupled with authentic critiques from working sales professionals.

The Center is focused on developing sales professionals for business-to-business selling, concentrating on high-technology industries, products, and services. Addressing the growing national high demand for sales specialists.

Sales professionals from a select group of high-tech corporate sponsors participate in realistic scenarios with students, playing back their digital video performances and providing honest, real-world critiques.

"Top Sales Programs"

- Sales Education Foundation 2022 Listing


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Sales Initiatives

  • Role Playing and Real-World Experience
  • Sales Competitions
  • Recognized Professional Sales Program
  • Real-World Experience by Role Playing

    Students in the principles of selling gain real-world experience by role-playing sales calls with business partners who act as buyers. The sales students are also required to job shadow an outside, "business-to-business" sales representative for at least half a day and submit a paper about the experience. Sales management students must conduct a comprehensive face-to-face interview with a sales manager who has at least 3 direct reports. These students also participate in two practice sales calls, first as a purchasing director or buyer, and then as a sales manager who is conducting a post-sales call performance review.

    National Sales Challenge

    The University of Dayton participates annually in both the National Collegiate Sales Competition and the National Sales Challenge. The student sales teams are coached by faculty member Tony Krystofik. Student contestants are selected from an internal sales competition for each event. Student alternates are also chosen to participate in over 150+ hours of sales training and interaction with our business partners to prepare for these sales competitions.

    Recognized Professional Sales Program

    The Talarico Center is one of only about 70 professional sales programs at colleges and universities and has a place on the Sales Education Foundation's list of Top University Sales Programs in the U.S.


    State-of-Art Facility

    In the Talarico Center, students have a state-of-art facility to hone their skills in a variety of role-play settings: office-sized sales labs, a large conference room for group or team sales presentations, even a lobby area, where students can practice the pitches that will get them past the front door and into a meeting.

    UD Sales Club

    The UD Sales Club was founded in the fall of 2010 as an extension of the Fiore Talarico Center for Professional Selling and has over 100+ undergraduate student members. Activities Include: Recruiting presentations by selected business partners. Educational seminars by sales professionals. Community service events. Networking and social functions. Corporate site visits or field trips.


    Department of Management and Marketing

    Miriam Hall, Room 710
    300 College Park
    Dayton, Ohio 45469 - 2271


    Our accreditation represents the highest standard of achievement for business schools worldwide.