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Fiore Talarico Center for Professional Selling

Success in Selling

The Fiore Talarico Center for Professional Selling is a state-of-the-art center that gives students experience making high-stakes sales calls, coupled with tough, real-world critiques from working sales professionals.

The goal? To get students to make mistakes and learn from them here, before they enter the real world.

The Center is focused on developing sales professionals for business-to-business selling, concentrating on high-technology industries, products and services. That focus plays to the strengths of both the University and the region, and addresses a growing national need and high demand for sales specialists.

In the Talarico Center, students have a state-of-art facility to hone their skills in a variety of role-play settings: office-sized sales labs, a large conference room for group or team sales presentations, even a lobby area, where students can practice the pitches that will get them past the front door and into a meeting.

Sales professionals from a select group of high-tech corporate sponsors participate in role plays with students, play back their digital video performances and provide honest, real-world critiques.

The Talarico Center is one of only about 70 professional sales programs at colleges and universities and has a place on the Sales Education Foundation's list of Top University Sales Programs in the U.S.


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