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Business September 20, 2023
18th Annual Flyer Pitch is Ready to Take Off

With $150,000 in cash prizes and more than $50,000 of in-kind prizes, Flyer Pitch is now accepting applications for teams ready to start their new business.

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Business September 07, 2023
Challenging common beliefs on corporate social responsibility
In a published article in Society and Business Review, SBA professor Dr. Kaitlyn DeGhetto challenges common beliefs on corporate social responsibility.
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Business July 03, 2023
UD's MBA Goes Green
The University of Dayton's Masters of Business Program is known for educating tomorrow's ethical leaders. With the addition of UD's new sustainable or "green" certificate, students can now add environmental and social, along with installing ethics and integrity in a business environment.
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Business April 11, 2023
Accounting Reception Adds Up to a Big Networking Opportunity for Alumni
The second annual Department of Accounting Reunion Reception allows alumni to reminisce, network, keep up to date about the accounting world, and give back to the School of Business Administration.
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Business March 24, 2023
Phi Chi Theta, A National Business Fraternity Comes to UD
School of Business Administration students John Mack and Andrew Drecnik are co-founding an SBA chapter of Phi Chi Theta to enhance the professional development of current and future UD students.
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Business March 21, 2023
MicroCompanies Bring Macro Experience to Sophomore Students
From FlyerCoolers to Fly High UD Wear and even recycled UD Totes, sophomore students in the Entrepreneurial program are learning about starting a business from the ground up.
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Business March 09, 2023
Dayton Flyers Earn First Place in the 25th Annual National Collegiate Sales Competition

The University of Dayton's School of Business Sales Team has competed in the National Collegiate Sales Competition for the past 15 years. The end goal for the 2022-2023 UD sales team was to do something that no other team had done from the University of Dayton: to win the NCSC.

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Business February 27, 2023
Peace with Profits
Are ethics alive in the workplace? Can a business make money and make the world a better place? Join Rev. Oliver Williams, C.S.C from the University of Notre Dame, as he explores ethical business questions in "Can You Do Well By Doing Good?" during the 7th Annual Glennon Symposium Friday, March 3, 2023, from 5:30-6:45 pm at the Kennedy Union Ballroom. Open to ALL University faculty, staff, and students. No registration is required.
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Business January 13, 2023
Distinguished Marketing Professor appointed new School of Business Administration's Associate Dean of Graduate Programs and Accreditation
With 20 years at UD, author of 21 refereed journal articles, 15 refereed conference proceedings, and numerous talks and conference presentations Yue Pan brings impressive research and education experience to the SBA Graduate Program as its new Associate Dean of Graduate Programs and Accreditation.
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Business January 10, 2023
UD Alumni Brings Hostage Negotiation Techniques to the World of Business
George Kohlrieser is a 1967 University of Dayton graduate with a Bachelor's Degree in Philosophy and Sociology. He also received his Master's Degree in Clinical Sociology in 1973. George currently serves as a Distinguished Professor of Leadership and Organizational Behavior at IMD Business School in Switzerland.
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