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School of Business Administration

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Business October 21, 2021
China’s Challenge to American Free Market Capitalism
A new Finance course sheds light on the historical - and current - association between the global economies of the United States and China
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Business October 06, 2021
Episode 1 - The Business Class Podcast
Khristian Santiago, '16, sits down with SBA Interim Dean Trevor Collier in the inaugural episode of the Business Class Podcast.
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Business September 17, 2021
UD Business Flyers cycling team rides in the Tour de Gem fundraiser
Join SBA Interim Dean Trevor Collier in the 2021 Tour de Gem. Proceeds raised by cyclists and online donors will support a new SBA program for Dayton high school students.
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Business September 14, 2021
The Business Student Engagement Center is open and already impacting students.
The Business Student Engagement Center is open and already impacting students.
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Business August 18, 2021
Dr. Timothy Keune appointed Chair of the Department of Accounting
In the SBA, "We're family" is sometimes more than just a feeling.
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Business August 04, 2021
Marsha Keune appointed new SBA Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs
Marsha Keune brings a passion for education, leadership and service to her new role in the School of Business Administration
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Business July 26, 2021
Financial Executives International appoints Associate Professor of Accounting Sri Ramamoorti to national board
Dr. Sri Ramamoorti will have an important role to play on Financial Executives International's National Board of Directors
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Business April 20, 2020
stUDy Abroad
Lessons Learned at the French Riviera
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Business March 12, 2020
Exposure to international cultures opens one's mind
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Business March 11, 2020
More Than a Place with Space
A Community Space for All of Dayton
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