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Student Employment Eligibility

Student Employment Eligibility

Working in an on-campus position through Student Employment is an excellent opportunity for students to gain valuable skills as well as earn additional income. However, a student’s primary purpose for being at the University is to concentrate on earning a degree. The following policies were developed to ensure that academics are a priority and working is secondary.

In order to qualify for Student Employment positions on campus, a student must be considered a degree-seeking student by the University, be enrolled as part of an exchange program, or be enrolled in the Intensive English Program (IEP) and the following credit hour minimums are met:

Undergrad – 6 credit hours

Graduate – 3 credit hours

Law School – 6 credit hours

IEP – 18 credit hours in IEP or a combination of level 5 and academic courses

International students on F-1 and J-1 visas are subject to specific enrollment requirements. Click here to learn more.

Credit hour minimums are subject to be waived in such cases where a student is entering their final semester at UD or final term of the IEP and does not need to take the minimum credit hours in order to graduate; or when a student participates in a study abroad experience, Semester of Service, or an unpaid internship.   

Students that are on summer break can work during the summer if they are enrolled in summer classes or intend to register for fall classes. The credit hour minimum is waived during the summer semester, however. Please visit Student Working Hours for more information. 

Students who participate in a paid co-op position or paid full-time internship position will not be eligible to work a student position on campus during their work term semesters.

Incoming first-year students are eligible to pursue employment during the summer as long as they have graduated from high school, been accepted to the University, deposited with the Office of Student Accounts, and registered for the minimum number of credit hours for the fall semester. 

Transient students are not considered degree-seeking and are not eligible for University of Dayton student employment.


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