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Pay Procedures

Your Hard Work Deposited Directly Into Your Bank Account

Students are paid an hourly rate based upon experience and the job description. While Student Employment does not set wage scales for University departments, it must ensure that regulations prescribed by the Fair Labor Standards Act are enforced. Specifically, FLSA regulates minimum wage rates, overtime wage rates and methods of paying student employees. All student employees will earn at least the state's minimum wage rate. 

Most students will submit time through Porches, and the supervisor will verify this time. However, depending on the job, you may use Kronos or Deltek to report your time each day you work. Pay periods run from the 1st of the month to the 15th (pay deposited on the 25th), and from the 16th of the month to the last day of the month (pay deposited on the 10th).  Students are required to be paid by direct deposit with the exception of Federal Work Study recipients. You will need to complete the Direct Deposit Form (.doc) to arrange for this service. If you receive Federal Work Study as part of your financial aid, you are not required to be paid by direct deposit but it is recommended for your convenience.

The key advantages of direct deposit are:

  • Not having to go to the bank to deposit earnings.
  • Earnings are automatically deposited if you are on vacation or off campus on payday.
  • Timely, safe and accurate deposit of pay. The regular pay date is the date used in crediting your account.

Student Employment

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