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Employer Advisory Council

Employer Advisory Council


The purpose of the University of Dayton Career Services Employer Advisory Council is to provide an employer perspective, advice and recommendations to Career Services on programming and services. This includes, but is not limited to: new initiatives, Career Services' webpage, the latest trends in recruiting and hiring, brochures, handouts and other literature, the use of social networking sites, events and employer programming and the timing of events such as career fairs. 

relationship to career services

The relationship of the Employer Advisory Council to Career Services and the University of Dayton is to recommend policies, procedures and guidelines to the leadership of Career Services for the programs and services they provide to students, alumni and employers. 


Meetings will be held twice each year. Dates will be determined in advance at a time which is deemed as the most convenient for the majority of members. Topics for the meetings will be determined by Career Services with input from the Council prior to the meeting. An agenda will be sent in advance to all members. Generally, meetings will be three hours in length (9:00 a.m. - noon) and will include an optional networking lunch.


Broaden... your knowledge of the University of Dayton through presentations from University faculty, staff and students. 

Connect... with other employers around recruiting trends and best practices. 

Share... your perspective and expertise with the University of Dayton and fellow recruiters to elevate Career Services' programming and services. 

Strengthen... your connection to the campus community through in-person meetings and campus updates. 

Promote... your brand through the Employer Advisory Council webpage. 


Meeting Attendance: We request your attendance at the two scheduled meetings, three hours in length plus an optional networking lunch hour, held each year. 

Feedback: Your perspective and expertise are your most valuable contribution. We ask that you come prepared to actively participate in each meeting.


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