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Davis Center for Portfolio Management

Our Organization

The Davis Center for Portfolio Management is a student-managed organization designed to provide the Flyer Investments seminar class with the quality market and equity research that it needs to effectively manage the student-run, undergraduate portfolio.

By integrating academic theory with real-world investment skills, we strive to create an experiential learning environment that fosters both personal and professional development, provides opportunities to establish a comprehensive knowledge of the overall financial industry, and ultimately, produces well-rounded individuals equipped with the tools to be value-adding in today’s competitive society.

The organization is comprised of five teams and a membership of 80 select undergraduates from within the University of Dayton.


Davis Center for Portfolio Management

Miriam Hall, Room 118
300 College Park
Dayton, Ohio 45469 - 2226
Meet our Teams
Flyer Investments Team

The Flyer Investments Team, consisting of 12-16 upperclassmen enrolled in FIN493, serves as the Investment Committee for the Flyer Investments Fund. These students make all buy, sell, and hold decisions for the portfolio. Twice a year, the Flyer Investments Team makes a formal presentation to the Davis Center Advisory Board on the status of the portfolio and the trading activities that have transpired in the interim. 

Leadership Team

The Leadership Team is responsible for maintaining the overall health and culture of the Davis Center and the Flyer Investments Fund. Every year, new managers are selected from within the Davis Center by the Director and the outgoing Senior Manager and Associate Managers.

Economic Analysis Team

Members of the Economic Analysis Team focus on providing a top-down view of the markets for the Flyer Investments Fund.

Team members monitor economic indicators and relevant current events to assist in creating an Equity Outlook for every sector. Each week, the Economic Analysis Team produces an economic report featuring commentary on market events and forecasting the outlook for relevant indicators over a given period of time.

US Equity Outlook
Securities Analysis Team

The securities analysis team works to familiarize team members with a variety of strategies for financial analysis, including qualitative research and financial modeling.

Team members serve as supporting analysts for the Flyer Investments Fund by analyzing current holdings' performance based on historic trends and comparing them with industry peers. Additionally, the supporting analysts are responsible for introducing new investment ideas through the maintenance of a comprehensive watch list.

Outreach Team

Members of the outreach team focus on disseminating the resources of the Davis Center to the greater University of Dayton community.

On a weekly basis, the team produces a financial report for the Flyer Investments Fund, the Davis Center for Portfolio Management students, and the School of Business Administration.