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L. William Crotty Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership

Policy for Student-Run Businesses On Campus

The University of Dayton is a comprehensive university dedicated to the education of the whole person through the connection of theory to practice. In 2005, The Marianist Education Working Group facilitated a campus-wide discussion about the purposes and substance of a Marianist education at UD. The Group’s report, Habits of Inquiry and Reflection: A Report on Education in the Catholic and Marianist Traditions at the University of Dayton, identified seven student learning outcomes that eventually became the cornerstone of the Common Academic Program. One of these student learning outcomes is “Practical Wisdom,” and is summarized as:

All undergraduates will develop and demonstrate practical wisdom in addressing real human problems and deep human needs, drawing upon advanced knowledge, values, and skills in their chosen profession or major course of study. Starting with a conception of human flourishing, students will be able to define and diagnose symptoms, relationships, and problems clearly and intelligently, construct and evaluate possible solutions, thoughtfully select and implement solutions, and critically reflect on the process in light of actual consequences. (emphasis added). 

Many University of Dayton students engage in entrepreneurial activity, both for profit and non-profit, and for curricular as well as co-curricular purposes. This policy allows for entrepreneurial activity among students while still maintaining a reasonable risk profile to protect University assets. The policy seeks to allow an entrepreneurial spirit to grow on campus, seeks to minimize the University’s legal and reputational risks while protecting the University’s business interests, and seeks to help students grow their business acumen through practical wisdom.


L. William Crotty Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership

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