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Academic Success Program

Academic Success Through Comprehensive Support

The Academic Success Program (ASP) is the School of Law’s comprehensive support program that provides academic assistance to all students.

The ASP conducts a series of labs throughout the year that are designed to assist students in building the necessary skills essential for law school success, in preparation for mid-term exams, final exams and for the bar exam. The labs cover, among other skills, essay writing, multiple choice questions, and time management.

The ASP director is available to meet with you individually to discuss specific strategies for improving your performance when needed. In some instances, a student may be assigned an adjunct advisor, a practicing attorney and often a UDSL alum, to meet individually on a weekly basis to review and provide feedback on study methods, course outlines, hypothetical problems and practice exam answers.

The Academic Success Program was the most important law school 'class' I ever had. It taught me how to be a successful law student, and that set the stage for everything else.

Stephen Schilling

UDSL Graduate

Academic Success Program

Tamara Tabo

Assistant Professor of Academic Success and Academic Success Program Director

Phone: (937) 229-5322



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