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Continuing Education September 24, 2021
Aging With Grace: Reflections Online
UD alumni discover faith in the second phase of life
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Faith/Mission September 21, 2021
Connecting with Middle Eastern Catholics
Plans to expand online learning in the Middle East
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Libraries September 20, 2021
Eucharistic Congress 1926: A Watershed Moment for Chicago, Catholicism

With a promise to the pope, the city gets the nod for the international event; the flock flocks en masse for Masses, lectures and dialogue on the nature of the Eucharist.

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President September 20, 2021
Not of Voice Alone, But Heart
Some of the University of Dayton’s wonderful undergraduate music ministers led Sunday's congregation through a full-throated version of Lord, Whose Love In Humble Service, their voices reverberating throughout the Chapel of the Immaculate Conception.
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President September 17, 2021
We have a proven, means-tested and equitable tool at our disposal to make higher education attainable: the Pell Grant. But the time has come to do more.
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Business September 17, 2021
UD Business Flyers cycling team rides in the Tour de Gem fundraiser
Join SBA Interim Dean Trevor Collier in the 2021 Tour de Gem. Proceeds raised by cyclists and online donors will support a new SBA program for Dayton high school students.
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Campus and Community September 15, 2021
Fellowships to Support Research and Artistic Use of Marian Library Collections

In recognition of the International Marian Research Institute and its new position in the College of Arts and Sciences, the Marianist Province of the United States is funding two fellowships in the Marian Library.

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President September 11, 2021
High Competence, High Character
"You are people of both high competence and high character. You’re the kind of leaders who imagine a better world, then go about the business of creating it — without fanfare and bluster but with great purpose," University of Dayton President Eric F. Spina told the 2021 Alumni Award recipients.
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President September 11, 2021
A Prayer for Peace
On the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, a campus prays for peace.
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Human Rights September 09, 2021
University of Dayton Human Rights Center welcomes African lawyer, social justice advocate Satang Nabaneh as director of programs

Satang Nabaneh, a lawyer and social justice advocate with broad experience in the law and practice of human rights, joined the University of Dayton Human Rights Center last month as its new director of programs.

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