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Business April 15, 2024
An Amusing Internship

Ben Smith rode a passion for amusement parks and his business major into the internship of his dreams: working "9 to 5" at Dollywood, a theme park located in the Great Smoky Mountains of Tennessee.

Business April 12, 2024
Inspiring Integrity

Renowned for uncovering one of the largest corporate frauds in history, Cynthia Cooper's narrative at the School of Business Administration emphasized the importance of integrity and resilience in the face of adversity.

Business April 04, 2024
SBA Eclipsing Excellence
Professor Elizabeth Eichler's MKT 350 class undertook an intriguing project, crafting eclipse-themed marketing content for the School of Business Administration. Through rigorous exploration of digital marketing principles, students developed innovative strategies to capitalize on the upcoming 2024 Solar Eclipse, showcasing their creativity and strategic expertise.
Business April 03, 2024
Exploring Student-Led Consulting and Community-Driven Entrepreneurship

Business Class Podcast Episode 21: A Conversation with Amanda Bush and Whitney Barkley.

Experiential Learning March 22, 2024
Flyer Angels Find New Wings

A pandemic-induced lull in investing grounded UD’s Flyer Angels. That was until Isabella Abreu and Missy Oei stepped in as managing directors last year. Now the pair are reinvesting in the group, helping it take off.

Business March 20, 2024
Embracing Southern Hospitality in Education

Sip, Learn, and Lead: Partnering with Milo's Tea to Brew Lessons in Corporate Values and Southern Hospitality!

Business March 19, 2024
University names first Albrecht Chair in Capitalism and the Common Good

The University of Dayton named Andrew Beauchamp, an economics professor at Wright State University, the inaugural Thomas W. Albrecht Chair in Capitalism and the Common Good. The newly endowed position signifies a commitment to explore economic issues through the lens of UD’s Catholic and Marianist mission.

Business March 13, 2024
Flyers and Taxes
From tax novice to certified preparer, Andrew Farkas, a first-year accounting major, and Benjamin Bitner, a junior accounting major, assisted Dayton residents with free tax filing through the IRS' Volunteer Income Tax Assistance program.
Business March 08, 2024
A New Era in Banking Experiential Learning

 From Club to Academy: Say hello to The Academy at University of Dayton, where ambition meets expertise.

Giving March 04, 2024
Sharing the Whole UD Experience

College is a time for deep learning and discovery, and University of Dayton students grow through cultivated experiences in and out of the classroom.