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Libraries June 29, 2020
Honors Theses 2020: Angry Tweets, Urban Soils, Grasshopper Guts and More

The latest theses from students in the University Honors Program are now available in eCommons, the University of Dayton’s open-access institutional repository.

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Sciences June 22, 2020
University of Dayton launches new minors in neuroscience and life science quality assurance

Allison Eastburn of Pittsburgh will blaze a new trail this fall when she enters the University of Dayton as a first-year premedical major. To expand her potential career options beyond becoming a physician, she plans to declare for the College of Arts and Sciences’ new quality assurance in life science industries minor.

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Human Rights June 02, 2020
Stand Up for Human Rights: #BlackLivesMatter
The Human Rights Center joins the multitude of voices condemning the murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and too many other Black men and women, demanding accountability for these injustices and proposing actions to reform our current system.
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Libraries May 27, 2020
Summer of Citations: Introduction to Citation Management 
Starting a new research project? Trying to organize existing research? Kick off the summer by learning more about citation management.
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Human Rights May 26, 2020
Moral Courage Project Goes Remote
After a semester of prepping for in-person fieldwork in Appalachia, and Detroit and Flint, Michigan, the Moral Courage Project on access to clean water switches gears to remote fieldwork in response to the Covid-19 pandemic.
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Research May 21, 2020
University of Dayton physicist receives AI for Earth grant from Microsoft

University of Dayton physicist Ivan Sudakov was awarded an AI for Earth grant from Microsoft to help further global research efforts in Arctic climate change.

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Campus and Community May 19, 2020
University of Dayton student named Newman Civic Fellow

University of Dayton junior Claire Sullivan was awarded a Newman Civic Fellowship in recognition of her leadership and involvement in the Dayton community.

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Sciences May 14, 2020
UD professor’s virtual ‘night under the stars’ inspires student astronomy club

University of Dayton associate professor Matt Lopper ’98 wasn’t sure what sort of response he’d get after sending an email to students on a Friday night in late April, inviting them to join him for a virtual astronomy tour — using his home telescope, a modified webcam and Zoom video conferencing software.

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Research May 08, 2020
University of Dayton physicist lobbies for STEM-related issues in Washington, D.C.

University of Dayton physicist Jay Mathews first fell in love with physics because of its ability to challenge and stimulate the brain. Today, that passion drives him to advocate for legislative change on behalf of the sciences as a member of the American Physical Society.

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Research May 07, 2020
University of Dayton senior receives Excellence in Undergraduate Research Award

University of Dayton senior Serafino LaGalbo received a Barbara A. Horwitz and John M. Horowitz Excellence in Undergraduate Research Award from the American Physiological Society for investigating the effects of exposing the legs to short bouts of ischemia, or lack of blood flow, on maximal exercise performance.

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