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News February 11, 2019
SEHS social digest: Feb. 11, 2019

We’re celebrating award-winning programs, faculty & students in the School of Education and Health Sciences! Follow this news and other recent updates being posted to the SEHS social media channels.

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Engineering January 18, 2019
In Memoriam: Joseph Wendel Haus, 1948-2019
In Dr. Haus, one found the qualities of a true mentor, scholar and scientist. He was the epitome of humbleness, simplicity and austerity.
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Research January 17, 2019
Goldwater Scholar
University of Dayton senior Joey Saurine has received an elite Goldwater Scholarship, one of the nation’s top awards for undergraduate STEM students. In addition to covering the cost of his senior-year tuition, the scholarship will help Saurine achieve his dream of a doctoral degree in neuroscience.
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News November 19, 2018
SEHS social digest: Nov. 19, 2018
As we approach Thanksgiving, the School of Education & Health Sciences has plenty to be thankful for – a new master’s in dietetics & nutrition program, nationally ranked programs and award-winning faculty & students. Follow this news and other recent updates being posted to the SEHS social media channels.
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Sciences November 16, 2018
Chudd 2.0

Dedicated in 1958, the University of Dayton's Chudd Auditorium originally boasted air-conditioning, tiered seating and widescreen motion picture facilities.


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Research November 08, 2018
Arctic Ice Research
University of Dayton doctoral student Ming Gong '15 is more comfortable at the keyboard of a computer or piano than trekking across snow and ice in sub-freezing temperatures. But, during May and June, she spent 10 days at a field summer school in Utqiagvik, Alaska, where she learned how to collect physical data in the Arctic.
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News November 02, 2018
SEHS social digest: Nov. 2, 2018
Our teacher education students are learning creative ways to teach fractions in the classroom, while our faculty are representing UD at a statewide conference, and also researching the link between physical therapy and breast cancer survivors. Follow this news and other recent updates being posted to the SEHS social media channels. (Fresh new look…same great programs! Check out our redesigned site at
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Sciences October 29, 2018
Mathematics Gift
High regard for a pair of University of Dayton mathematics professors + a generous donation in their honor = more opportunities for mathematics majors to attend conferences and organize student activities.
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Research October 23, 2018
Neuroscience Research Funding
The National Institutes of Health awarded a University of Dayton researcher $148,077 to study the role of a novel calcium-handling protein in the brain that could be involved in mental conditions such as autism, schizophrenia and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).
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Faculty October 08, 2018
Nano Manufacturing
The National Science Foundation has awarded two University of Dayton researchers $317,158 to study a new manufacturing process for building three-dimensional structures that are 1,000 times smaller than the diameter of a human hair.
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