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Sustainability December 01, 2023
Brewing change: Flyer Enterprises Sustainability Consulting tackles plastic waste at Heritage

In the bustling world where convenience often trumps sustainability, Flyer Enterprises Sustainability Consulting is spearheading a transformative initiative.

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Libraries November 30, 2023
Finals Week (Roesch’s Version)
A tour of events and services to make your exams enchanted.
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President November 22, 2023
A Marianist Thanksgiving
"Although our Marianist founders did not invent this day of blessings and gratitude, it feels distinctly Marianist to me," University of Dayton President Eric Spina writes in a Thanksgiving message to the campus community.
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President November 20, 2023
Fly Me to the Moon
Professor Josh Ambrosius set the mood for a class discussion about space and religion by playing “Count the Stars,” a beautiful hymn with an out-of-this-world twist. Listen closely, he told us, and you can hear the electromagnetic “voices” of planets, stars, and galaxies.
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Research November 20, 2023
UD biology student studies frog teeth evolution in faculty-mentored research project
Madeline Brinkman studied developmental evidence for the re-evolution of frog teeth through the Dean's Summer Fellowship program.
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Business November 15, 2023
As a UD student, Jerry Stoffl '09 presented on the up-and-coming social media platform Twitter to his digital marketing class. Now he’s building digital strategies for multinational corporations at Adobe and connecting students to opportunities.
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Sustainability November 14, 2023
Campus sustainability: Let’s talk about trash
One of the 10 categories that the University of Dayton has identified as critical to its long-term sustainability goals is waste.
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Students and Campus Life November 14, 2023
Esports, Real Impact
Will Martin '22 launched UD Rocket League to play the video game of the same name with other UD students. Now the team is competing in the esport, providing experiences beyond playing the game and looking to grow through Flyer Funder.
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President November 13, 2023
Of Porches and Possibilities
Since the beginning of the "We Soar" campaign, 7,802 donors have stepped up to support scholarships — and help a new generation of Flyers set their sights high.
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President November 13, 2023
Three Weddings and a University
When Karen and I walked into a crowded Immaculate Conception Chapel for the wedding of Yasmin Espino ’22 and Tre Whittaker ’21 last month, I felt such happiness and pride. This was a historic moment — the first wedding of a special couple who met in Flyer Promise.
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