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President September 14, 2020
What's in a Name?

Exactly one century ago, the University of Dayton placed a stake in the ground, forever connecting ourselves in name and spirit with the city of Dayton.

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President August 31, 2020
Silver Linings
I flipped the script at a two-day virtual retreat with administrative leaders a couple weeks before the start of the semester and asked them to reflect on the unexpected silver linings of the pandemic.
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President August 22, 2020
The Hope of Your Generation

The Class of 2024 has already learned lessons of sacrifice and community. They’re navigating the unknown and finding their voices. In my welcome at the New Student Convocation, I called this class the hope of our generation — and our world.

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President August 20, 2020
5 Flexible Teaching Tips
Faculty are redesigning teaching and learning for what will be far from a typical fall semester.
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President August 20, 2020
Bridging the Workforce Gap
In an op-ed, University of Dayton President Eric Spina and Sinclair College President Steven Johnson write about closing the skills gap in Ohio.
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President August 08, 2020
First Steps on the Path Forward

As University of Dayton students begin to move into their residences, I thank those who worked tirelessly to make this day possible and urge the campus community to make a commitment to continue caring for one another.

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Campus and Community July 24, 2020
From Coast to Coast — Together
Dayton Flyers are way out in front when it comes to building community.
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President July 17, 2020
Q & A with Medical Experts
Listen to medical professionals talk about the University of Dayton's plans for bringing students back to campus in the fall.
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President July 06, 2020
A New Playbook
“In medicine, we say if you hear hoof beats, it’s probably a horse, but sometimes it’s a zebra. And so we keep a little zebra file because we see interesting zebras, too,” observes Dr. Mary Buchwalder, University of Dayton medical director.
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President July 01, 2020
Morning Sun, Flicker of a Candle

A deer startled me, in a good way, when he peered into my home office window during the middle of the University’s first Zoom-based board of trustees’ meeting.

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