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President March 29, 2023
Raising the Curtain
Three UD civil engineering co-op students are helping to raise the curtain on the magnificent Roger Glass Center for the Arts.
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President March 13, 2023
Losing Two Generous Spirits
Bill Crotty '52 and Dick Glennon '50 died just two weeks apart at the age of 95. They shared much more than altruistic hearts, fondness for each other and a deep love for their alma mater.
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President March 02, 2023
'Say Yes'
Professor Anne Crecelius didn’t just teach human physiology to University of Dayton students. She taught life lessons to everyone she touched, certainly including me.
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President February 17, 2023
Virtuous Circle
"Beth (Schwartz) and Rick (Chamberlin) are simply two of the most caring, compassionate — and loyal — people on our campus. They’re kind, positive and humble servant-leaders who put others above themselves and respect the dignity of every person," said UD President Eric Spina at the annual Lackner Awards dinner.
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President February 14, 2023
A Partner in Our City's Destiny

A few months ago I read a guest essay in The New York Times by Nick Burns, editor at Americas Quarterly, that criticized some American universities as “ivory towers walled off from reality.”


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President January 19, 2023
A Man for Our Times

When the Rev. Peter Matthews asked me to talk to people in the pews at McKinley United Methodist Church on the eve of MLK Day, I initially hesitated.

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President January 11, 2023
Be Uncommon

I sat among colleagues at the 2023 Learning Teaching Forum and listened with rapt attention to Dr. Karlos Marshall as he shared his deeply personal educational journey and offered lessons for bringing out the best in every University of Dayton student.

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Experiential Learning January 09, 2023
A Healthy Partnership
As an anchor institution, we pride ourselves on developing mutually beneficial partnerships in the community, but the one with Premier Health stands tall in my mind. As neighbors, we share a special bond that goes beyond proximity to philosophy.
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President December 24, 2022
The Wonder and Faith of a Child
"I wish you the miracle of Christmas," University of Dayton President Eric F. Spina wrote to the campus community in his annual message. "The story of Christ's birth — and the way we give of ourselves to others in return — bring hope to our world."
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President December 21, 2022
Hands-On Learning
At the beginning of the semester Professor Kim Bigelow and Rachel Zidaroff, director of operations for United Rehabilitation Services (URS), gave four mechanical engineering students a modest $1,500 budget and a challenge — create a prototype of a portable device that would help people with limited motor skills take their work gloves on and off by themselves using just one hand.
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