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President April 24, 2024
Inspiring Pint-Sized Scientists
Holding up a clear plastic umbrella in a Bombeck Family Learning Center classroom, Ian Adams ‘17 asked a class of aspiring teachers, “How cool is it to watch the water droplets run off this?”
President April 11, 2024
United: Sun, Moon and Us

The University of Dayton cancelled afternoon classes on Monday. Well, not exactly. The Central Mall, dotted with students, faculty, staff and families sprawled on blankets, turned into a massive outdoor laboratory for viewing the moon move across the sun and cast the University into twilight and then near-darkness.

President April 01, 2024
First We Soar Goal Met!

When President Spina asked me if I would write a guest blog before our sixth annual giving day, One Day, One Dayton, I told him I would be thrilled to borrow his pen and use his platform.

President March 30, 2024
Lamps Shining in the Night
"Let our celebration of Easter renew our faith in the healing power of light over darkness. Let us be a community that walks by faith, lighting the way for our world," University of Dayton President Eric Spina writes in an Easter message to the campus community.
President March 04, 2024
The Joy of Serving

Camryn Yacks’ teammates shouted out encouragement after she air-balled her first shot playing wheelchair basketball. As athletes with disabilities, they know it’s not easy the first time you wheel out on the court, even if you were a college athlete like Camryn.

President February 26, 2024
You Have a Home Here

Choosing the right college, where you feel a true sense of belonging, is always a moment filled with excitement and some level of anxiety. However, this year, ongoing delays in the FAFSA at the federal level have complicated the college choice process for many families.

President February 12, 2024
You Can Write!
Erma Bombeck devotees are every bit as passionate as Dayton Flyer fans I discovered at the opening of a new exhibit at Roesch Library that celebrates the humorist’s life and work.
President February 09, 2024
Bridge Builders
Julie Banks and Tom Weckesser, recipients of the 2024 Lackner Awards for their significant contributions to the University of Dayton's Catholic, Marianist character, are "bridge builders who quietly, humbly and lovingly lead by example," said University of Dayton President Eric Spina.
President February 05, 2024
Get Together
As I walked for the first time through the vibrant, light-filled visual arts gallery in the newly opened Roger Glass Center for the Arts, I was struck by an abstract piece consisting of a geometric arrangement of beautiful blue wooden cubes mounted on one of the movable walls.
President January 25, 2024
Family First

“You’ll never get that time back.” That’s how Matt Hoyng, an industrial engineer in the University of Dayton Research Institute, talks about the value of UD’s expanded parental leave policy that allowed him to take six weeks off after his second son, Palmer, was born in July.