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Libraries October 19, 2023
Which Floor is Yours?
Students determine their ideal library destination from a fun quiz about study preferences.
Campus and Community April 28, 2023
Just Two Golden Girls, Ready to Mingle

Becoming a Golden Flyer wasn’t exactly something Deb Tobias ’73 and Kathy Tamer ’73 had on their bucket lists. Now that it’s here, they’re embracing all that comes with the milestone.

Business March 21, 2023
MicroCompanies Bring Macro Experience to Sophomore Students
From FlyerCoolers to Fly High UD Wear and even recycled UD Totes, sophomore students in the Entrepreneurial program are learning about starting a business from the ground up.
Campus and Community October 18, 2022
Ed.D. Program Welcomes New Faculty Member
The Ed.D. Program for Organizational Leadership in the School of Education and Health Sciences welcomes new full time professor, Dr. Aaliyah Baker.
Campus and Community May 27, 2022
Flyers — and Friends — for Life
A lot can happen in 50 years, good and bad. That's one of many reasons so many alumni look forward to Reunion Weekend.
Faculty and Staff February 22, 2022
University of Dayton associate professor awarded Marc Sanders Foundation media fellowship for op-ed writing

The Marc Sanders Foundation named University of Dayton associate professor of philosophy Aili Bresnahan an inaugural Philosophy in the Media Fellow for op-ed writing. Bresnahan, who specializes in aesthetics and the philosophy of dance, was one of 30 philosophers selected by a committee of academic philosophers and media industry professionals from a pool of 264 applicants.

Diversity and Inclusion February 21, 2022
University of Dayton ‘Global Voices’ virtual symposium examines Africa’s growing importance to the world
Africa in Our Century is the theme of the 2022 Global Voices virtual symposium, hosted by professor Julius Amin, the University of Dayton’s Alumni Chair in Humanities. The two-day event examines the growing importance of Africa to the world’s present and future.
Diversity and Inclusion February 15, 2022
University of Dayton conferences, ThinkTV documentary, and traveling exhibit explore impact of ‘redlining’ on Dayton region
A number of University of Dayton faculty, staff and students are taking part in a series of events this year that explore the impact of redlining on the Dayton region.
Sciences February 08, 2022
Two University of Dayton students first to complete new life science quality assurance minor
Abigail Lee, a senior biology major, and Hayley Jesse, a junior chemical engineering major, are the first students to complete the University of Dayton’s quality assurance in the life science industries minor.
Service February 07, 2022
University of Dayton psychologist inducted into Academy of Community Engagement Scholarship, selected for award for local contributions to address homelessness
The Academy of Community Engagement Scholarship inducted University of Dayton psychologist Roger Reeb as a member for his collaborative leadership among academic and community peers in addressing significant community issues such as homelessness.