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Libraries July 27, 2021
Libraries Catalog: New Design, Functionality on Aug. 4

The University Libraries catalog has a new look with better and clearer functionality.

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Sustainability June 30, 2021
HSI staffers’ paper explores Caribbean Islands’ potential use of ocean thermal energy conversion

Two University of Dayton sustainability experts worked on a paper on ocean thermal energy conversion (OTEC) highlighted in a Climate Analytics blog post. University of Dayton professor Bob Brecha and three others wrote the paper that addressed Geographic Information System (GIS) mapping of the Caribbean islands, the potential for near-coastal deep-water as a resource for OTEC, and an estimate of where OTEC could be advantageous. One of the other authors is Katie Schoenenberger, until recently the director of student engagement at the Hanley Sustainability Institute.

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Libraries June 29, 2021
Plethora of Periodicals for the Public
Government-issued magazines cover the gamut of topics from military history and the humanities to health care and the teaching of English — and they're all free.
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Libraries June 28, 2021
Librarians Receive Gender Equity Research Fellowship
The University of Dayton's 2021-22 Gender Equity Research Fellowship has been awarded to Christina (Tina) Beis, associate professor and director of collections strategies and services for the University Libraries, and Kayla Harris, associate professor and archivist for the Marian Library.
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Sustainability June 25, 2021
EPA’s Environmental Justice Academy at UD in September; applications being accepted

Applications are being accepted for Ohio’s first Environmental Justice Academy, a training program developed for emerging community, non-profit and environmental leaders to help cultivate skills and address environmental challenges. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Miami Valley Regional Planning Commission (MVRPC) are hosting the event Sept. 10-11 at the University of Dayton.

Applications (two per entity only) must be submitted by July 7 to Participants must be based in Darke, Preble, Montgomery, Miami, Greene or northern Warren counties. More information is available at

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Sustainability June 24, 2021
Brecha book review: Shellenberger’s 'Apocalypse Never' doesn’t offer constructive proposals for solutions
Michael Shellenberger's recent book Apocalypse Never: Why Environmental Alarmism Hurts Us All, shows disdain for any renewable energy outside of nuclear and rips into vegans and vegetarians. He uses outdated data to try to make some of his points and is much more concerned with setting up strawmen based on the most exaggerated arguments about sustainability issues and tearing these down. He does not offer constructive proposals.
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Libraries June 17, 2021
Wheels of Enterprise: Dayton Manufacturing
Newspapers, maps, photos and ads create a snapshot of a once-thriving industry.
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President May 18, 2021
A Nobel Soul

During Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, the University of Dayton pays tribute to our students, graduates, faculty, staff — and our Nobel Laureate. Charles J. Pedersen, described as “a brilliant chemist with the soul of an artist,” shared the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1987 for his discovery of crown ethers.

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Human Rights May 06, 2021
Interview with HRC Faculty Fellow Heather MacLachlan on Music and Human Rights Advocacy

HRC Faculty Fellow, Heather MacLachlan, discusses her research on ethnomusicology and the role of music in political movements and human rights advocacy in an interview with HRC Postdoc Paul Morrow.

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Faculty May 03, 2021
University of Dayton health communicator publishes research on using entertainment to teach children about COVID-19

University of Dayton health communication expert Angeline Sangalang researched how shows, such as popular children's show Sesame Street, are being used internationally to teach children about COVID-19.

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